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Hamilton Meets Pinoy Flash-fiction In #Ham4Kalayaan

What happens when you combine the hottest musical on Broadway with one of the Philippines’ most important holidays, and social media? The answer is #Ham4Kalayaan!,

Hamilton is a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. Since its debut, the musical has taken the world by storm, with sold-out shows and a strong fan base. The internet is not immune to the Hamilton fever, too!

In the Philippines, the Hamilton passion has taken to new heights when Filipinos on Twitter decided to take this play and combine it #RP612fic, the annual online flash-fiction storytelling event that happens in celebration of Philippine Independence Day. #RP612fic, which started seven years ago on Twitter, has become a global social media phenomenon, with more and more people participating in this event and producing wittier and crazier tweets.

With Hamilton taking the world by storm and #RP612fic as one of the most exciting events on social media, here are some of the best tweets that came out of this mash-up:

Two novels in 4 years? How? How? How?

Andres Bonifacio!

Colonists, please.

Gee, Gregorio del Pilar, Your eyes.

How many girls have you gotten helpless, Pepe?


Who lives, who dies, and who tells their stories?

Look! A Heneral Luna x Hamilton x #RP612fic mashup!

Just like A. Burr and A. Ham, Pepe also shares this trait with them:

Orphan, self-starter, and revolutionary. How 2 be u po, Andres?

Here’s to freedom!


Hamilton’s appeal is universal, and its story runs parallel to our own. We just have one question, though: Can we get it here, Lin-Manuel Miranda?

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