Hanging Out

Hanging Out Is The Filipino Gay Web Series We All Need Right Now

If you’re looking for a new show to obssess over in the new year, you may want to check out Hanging Out. The newly-launched show is produced by local gay publication Team Magazine and gay dating app Blued. It’s also the first Filipino gay web series!

Created by Petersen Vargas and Patrick Valencia, Hanging Out had its online debut on December 19. The pilot episode, “Best Hookup Ever” follows a geeky-looking twenty-something named David, the evident protagonist. Seemingly bored, David looks for a hookup on Grindr. He leaves his apartment to go meet the guy, but the hookup doesn’t go as expected. Instead, David finds himself in a slightly awkward situation with a bunch of strangers.

The First Filipino Gay Web Series

Hanging Out has all the elements of a romantic comedy: the meet cute, the awkward lead character, the dashing romantic interest, and the quirky element by which they connect. Throw in a troop of fun, slightly nosy but well-meaning friends, and you’ve got an entertaining new show that has been a long time coming for the Filipino LGBT community.

Hanging OutWhile the production isn’t quite perfect, the show’s potential for greatness is undeniable. After all, there hasn’t yet been a local show that tells the story of gay men post-coming out. In Filipino TV shows or movies, gay men are often reduced to narrow stereotypes. Gay characters are often written as caricatures, used mainly for comic relief.

With its decidedly non-stereotypical characters and a contemporary setting, Hanging Out is positively refreshing. And despite having predominantly gay characters, the show manages to speak even to a non-gay audience.

Gay Characters, Universal Themes

Perhaps it’s the show’s easygoing tone, or the all-too familiar setting. Maybe it’s the characters that resemble a typical millenial squad living in the big city. Or maybe it’s because at the core of its story, you’ve got two people on the verge of (maybe) falling in love. Whatever it is, there’s just something about this Filipino gay web series that makes it unquestionably relatable, whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or somewhere in-between.

Watch the first episode of Hanging Out now:

The next episode airs on January 2 on Team Magazine’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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