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10 Healthy Food Delivery Services In Manila For Those Who Want To Diet

Ask any foodie around and that person will tell you that Manila is a hotbed for food crazes. With plenty of joints opening here and there, we know how agonizing it is to stick to a diet. Sometimes, the arduous preparation and time-consuming grocery shopping can’t be squeezed into erratic schedules. That’s why this list of healthy food delivery services exist to save the day.

1Paleo Manila

healthy food delivery services
Image Credit: @paleomanila via Instagram

We’re sure you’ve heard the term “paleo” before. Essentially, it’s a caveman’s diet before he got exposed to modern agriculture. It’s about going back to the basics by eating fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, meat, and seeds. You have your Standard Meal Plan that’s recommended by their in-house nutritionist and dietitian. PLUS+ Meal Plans are designed with bigger servings, perfect for those who live an active lifestyle. Fully-Customized Meal Plans are perfect if you have medical conditions, restrictions, or even allergies.

Meals are served all-natural, non-GMO (genetically modified organism), preservative-free, gluten-free, and grain-free. The great thing is you get to eat anything just as long as it’s paleo-approved! Prices range from PHP 750/day to PHP 1,050/day (for fully customized and bigger portions) that’s inclusive of delivery within Metro Manila. Diet plans begin at five days up to six months.

Paleo Manila
+63917 777 7657
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2Green Giant Salad

healthy food delivery services
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If salads spell out a love-hate relationship, Green Giant Salad will change that ideal for you. Meal programs like Pescatarian, GG Complete, Salad Flexi Plan, and Pesca Pollo might interest you. Pescatarians limit their diet to seafood while the Pesca Pollo meal plan focuses on chicken and seafood.

Pescatarian meal plans start at PHP 1,850 for a 5-day program at 700 calories per day. It’s inclusive of 3 meals: lunch, snack, and dinner. GG Complete plan begins with 1,200 calories at PHP 2,650. It’s inclusive of 4 meals (lunch, dinner, and two snacks) per day. Salad Flexi Plans start at PHP 900 while Pesca Pollo Program starts at PHP 1,850 for a 5-day program at 700 calories per day.

Green Giant Salad
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3Diet Diva

healthy food delivery services
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Do you want to lose weight the healthy way? Of course, you do! Diet Diva is one of those healthy food delivery services that does just that. Women must consume 1,200 calories and not more than 1,700 calories for men. These tasty home-cooked meals contain sufficient nutrients. In that way, you don’t crave for anything else that leads to unhealthy choices or overeating.

Each meal program includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. It starts at PHP 1,900 for the 5-day program at 1,200 calories. Working out already? Get the Lean Machine priced at PHP 2,800 for a 5-day program for 2,000 calories per day. Delivery fee is included in the payment except for Bonifacio Global City, Commonwealth, and Marcos Highway, which require an additional PHP 20/day.

Diet Diva
+632 434 3482, +63917 703 3482
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healthy food delivery services
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If you think eating healthy has to be boring, let Plan:Eat change that perception for you. You’ll look forward to their menu as it changes weekly to spice things up whether it’s Chinese, Filipino, American, and much more! Among these healthy food delivery services, Plan:Eat is the most affordable among the bunch. Meals start at PHP 260/day at 1,200 calories. A package like this includes breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, and dinner. Not bad, huh?

+63917 305 5510
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5Fitness Gourmet PH

healthy food delivery services
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Okay, so we’re guilty of having delicious gourmet meals once in awhile. With Fitness Gourmet PH, we can indulge in gourmet dishes minus the guilt! First timers might want to select the Low-Calorie Meal. It will only cost you PHP 1,800 for a 5-day plan with your choice among 1,200, 1,500, 1,800, 2,000, and 2,200 calories. Active people looking to increase their muscle mass will want to try out their High Protein Meal. Designed as a 5-day plan of 2,000 or 2,500 calories, it’ll cost you PHP 3,000. Both meal plans include breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner.

Now, if you want to shred weight and fast, go for the HCG Diet. It contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to increase energy and burn fat faster. At 500 calories/day, you can start at PHP 2,800 for a 7-day program. You’ll be provided with meals like lunch, fruit, snack, and dinner. If you have a medical condition, Therapeutic Diet is best for you. It starts at PHP 4,000 for a 5-day customized meal plan. These rates are exclusive of delivery fee.

Fitness Gourmet PH
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6Pickle Healthy Meal Delivery

healthy food delivery services
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Not everyone is a fan of cooking. Chances are you don’t know your way around the kitchen or you really don’t have the time. It’s a good thing that Pickle Healthy Meal Delivery is here to save us from starvation! Such meal plans are customized based on age, height, weight, and lifestyle factors. These calorie-counted meals have carbs, fats, and protein that are well balanced. They are one of the few healthy food delivery services that offer cold-pressed juice (for a separate charge).

For beginners, avail the Basic Balanced Meal Plan. For just PHP 1,900, you’ll get a 5-day meal plan at 1,200 calories. Those who would like to try a ketogenic-like diet might want to try out their Low Carb High Protein Meal Plan. By eating less carbs, you’ll stimulate ketones (found in the liver) that will provide you with energy. It’s PHP 2,500 for a 5-day plan at 1,200 calories. These packages are inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and delivery charge. Get your money’s worth by availing from them long term or in big groups! They also deliver to several areas in Cainta and Muntinlupa.

Pickle Healthy Meal Delivery
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7Fit Kitchen PH

healthy food delivery services
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Working towards your goals has never been this easy whether it’s maintaining, losing, or gaining weight. Fit Kitchen PH provides you a 5-day meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and house blend tea. Prices range between PHP 2,000 for 1,200 calories up to PHP 2,600 for 2,100 calories. Save money if you decide to go long run or purchase as a group! Free deliveries for most areas in Metro Manila. You’re lucky if you live in Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal because they cater to some locations there.

Fit Kitchen PH
+63917 880 9026
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8Daily’s Diet

healthy food delivery services
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Counting calories? Not a problem. Daily’s Diet offers a wide range of delicious yet calorie-counted packages. There’s seafood curry, Jack Daniel’s barbecue chicken, and beef teppanyaki just to name a few! They also cater to those on medical plans or high protein plans. Do you happen to live outside of Metro Manila?

Don’t worry, Daily’s Diet delivers to some of these areas like Biñan, San Pedro and Santa Rosa in Laguna. They also make deliveries to Bacoor, Dasmariñas, and Imus in Cavite and a few areas in Rizal! Rates range from PHP 1,750 at 1,000 calories to PHP 2,450 for 1,800 calories, good for five days. These packages include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. No delivery charge for those living in Metro Manila. Hooray!

Daily’s Diet
+63920 978 8618
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9Yummy Diet

healthy food delivery services
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Yummy Diet keeps their menu fresh, healthy, and delicious. They offer low calorie and low carb meals prepped to a certain number of calories. These meal plans start at PHP 1,900 for 1,200 calories, good for five days. Each package includes three meals, two snacks, black coffee, herbal tea, healthy sugar substitute, utensils, napkins and a weekly newsletter.

Yummy Diet has also paired up with Goldpress Juicing Co. at separate packages ranging from PHP 1,499-1,699 per day. It’s a good thing that they have don’t charge extra for delivery to most parts of Metro Manila.

Yummy Diet
+63917 889 8660, +63917 889 8601
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10Lunchbox Diet

healthy food delivery services
Image Credit: @latteandlife via Instagram

Balanced diets are the way to go! Lunchbox Diet meals are carefully curated by an executive chef and in-house dietitian. You can expect flavorful meals with locally sourced ingredients. Try out their Regular Lunchbox. Plans range from PHP 1,700 (for 1,200 calories) to PHP 2,500 (for 2,000 calories).

If you think lowering carbs will do the trick, try out their Low Carb Lunchbox plan. It ranges between PHP 2,300 (for 1,200 calories) to PHP 3,100 (at 2,000 calories). Group Gourmet Meals are perfect for families or even barkadas. Any meal plan already includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Free delivery to most areas found in Metro Manila.

Lunchbox Diet
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Love and embrace your new diet plan with any of these healthy food delivery services. No excuses this time around. Treat your body right and you’ll notice changes in your physical appearance and demeanor. Before you know it, your confidence is radiant and you’ll slip into anything you want to wear just in time for summer. Diet starts now…or tomorrow! Oh, if you have an existing medical condition, do consult with your physician first before trying out a diet.

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