Green Thumb Coalition

Have You Heard of the Green Thumb Coalition?

Green Thumb Coalition, a coalition made up of over 40 national and local organizations, held a bloggers meet-up to introduce the environmental advocacy to more influencers online.

This election period, mainstream media seems to be focusing on other pressing national concerns, apart from climate change. This was seen in the recent national debates for both Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates where environmental issues received a total of 2 questions. Both were related to climate issues, but neither encouraged extensive discussion which the Philippines needs.

Environmental issues on political platforms

The Green Thumb Coalition was formed to get the commitment of national and local candidates to include a green agenda on their platforms. It also aims to hold the newly elected public officials accountable for their positions and commitments to their environmental mandates.

Green Thumb Coalition

Launched last 5 February 2016, Green Thumb has been raising awareness for the environmental cause. Green Thumb holds rallies all over the Philippines laying down the challenge for election candidates and incumbent officials to pledge their commitment to saving and protecting the environment. The coalition demands clear, realistic and concrete positions are made by these political candidates on the environment.

Committed to environmental issues

Green Thumb has committed themselves to work on the following issues regarding our environment:

  1. Biodiversity and ecosystem integrity;
  2. Natural resource and land use management and governance;
  3. Sustainable agriculture;
  4. Waste management;
  5. Upholding human rights and integrity of creation;
  6. Climate justice;
  7. Mining, extractives and mineral resource management;
  8. Energy transformation and democracy; and
  9. People-centered sustainable development.

In hopes of reaching more people, Green Thumb Coalition is asking for help on social media as the Philippines is one of the countries most connected and most active virtually. They are asking everyone to join the movement by simply using the hashtag: #GreenThumb2016.

Social media influence

Green Thumb member organizations are proud of an unprecedented achievement of gaining over 10M signatures for the campaign. If these 10M can go online and unify once more for the green agenda, the Philippines’ can truly be a pioneer in using social media for social causes.

Green Thumb Ecopark

Be Green, join the coalition!

Interested to be part of Green Thumb Coalition? Want to share the word? You can reach them through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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