How To Heal A Broken Heart When In Baguio

You’ve been stuck in your room for days, rejecting all calls from friends. Mind you, they’re just worried you might get a little crazy and do something out of this world just because you’ve been dumped or cheated on (oops, sorry). You’ve been binge-watching, stress-eating, and self-destructing. How pathetic can you get?

Come on. It’s all good to embrace pain when you’re brokenhearted. But hey, you’ve only got five minutes to self-destruct. Now, it’s time for you to self-distract!

You have to go out and keep your mind off the pain, much more your ex. The best way to do that? Hop on a bus and travel to Baguio all by yourself! Better yet, heal that broken heart of yours and go on a weekend so you have more than enough time.

Here’s what to do in the City of Pines to help you mend your broken heart:

Walk around the streets of Baguio and feel the chills

baguio lourdes grotto

It isn’t the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” for nothing! It’s always good to visit Baguio during the coldest months of the year. The chilly atmosphere is a breath of fresh air. You deserve to breathe and relax, after all, right? Take a walk at the heart of the city and watch people pass by the ever-so-busy Session Road. If you’re up for some free workout, you might want to drop by the Lourdes Grotto along Dominican Hill Road and climb the 252 steps. When you’re at the top, pray for your ex (try to be nice) and pray for yourself.

Appreciate art and culture

baguio bencab

Visit BenCab Museum along Asin Road and be in awe of the National Artist’s masterpieces. Drop by Tam-awan Village along Benguet Road and explore the culture and traditions of our Ifugao natives. You can even dance to the native songs with the natives themselves! You can also check out books and other literary works from writers and illustrators of the north at the Mt. Cloud Bookshop along Access Road.

Pick those yummy strawberries

baguio la trinidad

Now, who says no to strawberries? Head to La Trinidad, Benguet and fall in love with all the greens you will see. Be mesmerized with the growing lettuces, broccolis, and cabbages! Pick a kilo of strawberries and indulge in it on your way back to the city. Believe us, it is therapeutic.

Indulge in good food

Baguio pizza volante

So who says indulging in your cravings when you’re brokenhearted is stress-eating? You eat more when you’re lonely because you want to revel the mouthwatering goodness of your favorites. You want hamburgers, chicken, fries, or anything American? Head to ’50s Diner along Gen. Luna Road. You want Italian food like pizza and pasta? Head to Pizza Volante along Session Road. You want a slew of restaurants to choose from all in one place? Head to Ketchup Food Community. You deserve good food. Indulge.

Celebrate silence

baguio camp john hay

Sometimes, all you need is your own space to reflect on your life. Take a walk through Camp John Hay and watch the pine trees dance with the chilly wind. Sit on the benches and watch the world pass by you. Find your spot at the Chocolate de Batirol and enjoy a cup of native tsokolate (chocolate drink).

Just because you’ve been broken doesn’t mean your world has been broken, too. And doesn’t mean you have to stay broken (thanks, Selena Gomez). Pain is inevitable. You just have to give yourself a chance to heal, and a huge part of it is loving yourself. So, start off by being comfortable with traveling alone. Start off with Baguio. After all, Baguio has always nurtured broken hearts.

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