hug your cat
Image Credit: @waffles_the_Cat via Instagram

Meet Six Cats That You Would Want To Hug ASAP

June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day, which means that all cat owners are encouraged to hug their beloved feline friends! In celebration of this holiday, here are six adorable cats that we found on the interwebz that we would love to hug right now:

1Ruby the Pretty Kitty (@rubytheprettykitty)

ruby the pretty kitty
Image Credit: @rubytheprettykitty via Instagram
ruby the pretty kitty
Image Credit: @rubytheprettykitty via Instagram
cat goes to prom
Image Credit: @rubytheprettykitty via Imgur

Ruby first shot to fame as the cat that went to prom with her human. Basically, her human, Sam, could not find a date to his prom, so he took little Ruby to prom instead. Can we push schools to allow us pets as dates to proms now?

2Hamilton the Hipster Cat (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat)

hamilton the cat
Image Credit: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat via Instagram
hipster cat
Image Credit: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat via Instagram

Hamilton is a sports-loving, mustached cat from San Francisco. He is a fan of the Golden State Warriors, naps, and showing off his beautiful mustache! And oh, he is a playable character on the app Nom Cat too!

3Waffles the Cat (@waffles_the_cat)

waffle the cat
Image Credit: @waffles_the_cat via

One of the most popular cats to come out of the internet, Waffles is a Scottish Fold who loves Star Wars and superheroes! He also likes to spend time with his doggy brother, Strider.

waffles the cat cute

Look at Waffles as a Purrito!

4Bear (@dexterandthebear)

cute cats
Image Credit: @dexterandthebear via Instagram
cute cats bear
Image Credit: @dexterandthebear via Instagram

Mr. Bear is a British Shorthair owned by Ruth Crilly, the blogger behind A Model Recommends. You can see him goofing off with his brother Dexter, and his human, Ruth on his Instagram page, as well as on Ruth’s Youtube channel! We can attest that he’s the fluffy, chunky cat that we would like to hug 24/7.

5Maru (@maru_cat)


Maru is a Scottish Fold who is known for his obsession with boxes. He has videos where he is shown to be running around and playing with cardboard boxes. He also has an adoptive sister named Hana, who is a tabby cat.

maru and hana
Image Credit: Maru via Facebook

Look at Maru and Hana!

6Nana (@ciao_nana on Instagram)

ciao nana
Image Credit: @ciao_nana via Instagram

Just like Waffles, Nana is also a Scottish Fold. She has a penchant for wearing stylish collars and clothes, and she likes to pose for the camera. Do watch out for her collars whenever she’s on Instagram, and you’re sure to see a different one from time to time.

hug your cat day
Image Credit: @ciao_nana via Instagram

Isn’t she lovely with her hat and collar?


Aside from these precious felines, every cat that you may encounter along the way is adorable in their own way, no matter how grumpy they can be sometimes. So cat owners (and lovers), hug your cat, and feel your world get instantly better!

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