Jollibee vs. McDonald's: Pepper Steak

Jollibee vs. McDonald’s: Battle Of The Pepper Steaks

In case you haven’t noticed, both McDonald’s and Jollibee have released two new menu offerings: Pepper Steak. Once again, it’s a showdown: Jollibee vs. McDonald’s.

The two new dishes sound oddly similar to each other. Both offerings promise a burger steak smothered in a peppery sauce. They were both released at around the same time. Oh, and both of them cost just PHP 55 for a one-piece meal, with a drink.

For fast-food devotees and petsa de peligro foodies, this only means one thing: it’s time for a taste test. We present Jollibee vs. McDonald’s: Battle of the Pepper Steaks.

To begin, let’s take a closer look at the contenders.

McDonald’s Mushroom Pepper Steak

McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak
It’s been a while since McDonald’s attempted to put burger steak on the menu. The last time they did, if you’re unfortunate enough to remember, we were given a nondescript burger patty with a sickly sweet sauce and soggy bits of red onion on top. Needless to say, it didn’t take off, and the trauma from that travesty probably took a while to get over. This could explain why they only came up with their mushroom pepper steak now. The new offering looks promising, with its creamy pepper sauce and mushrooms. Could McDonald’s second attempt at a burger steak meal erase all memory of its failed first try? It looks like it very well could, but of course, it all comes down to taste.

Jollibee’s Pepper Cream Steak

McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak
We all know by now that Jollibee’s Burger Steak was sent by the gods to give our lives meaning. In recent years, our beloved bee has been innovating this fan favorite, yielding such amazing creations as the Ulitmate Burger Steak (burger steak on a bed of fries and topped off with an egg), the Big Burger Steak (same sauce, thicker patty), and the Sweet & Spicy Burger Steak. Its most recent twist is the Pepper Cream Steak, which features a cream-based gravy topped off with corn. Will this new version of a time-honored classic do justice to the legend that Jollibee Burger Steak? Or will it fall flat on its face? We’re not entirely sure, so it’s time to take a bite.

The Taste Test: Jollibee vs. McDonald’s

McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak
We subjected the steaks to three simple criteria: sauce, burger patty texture, and burger patty flavor.


McDonald’s sauce was a pleasant surprise for us. It was creamy and delivered on its peppery promise with a strong but not overpowering black pepper kick. The mushrooms went well with it, too. Although, they didn’t necessarily add much to the overall flavor of the sauce. The amount of sauce was just right. The meat wasn’t drowning in it, but we didn’t find it lacking, either.

Meanwhile, Jollibee’s sauce was a disappointment. It was bland for the most part, and somewhat runny. The corn felt like a consolation prize for the flavorless sauce. We were wondering where the pepper was pretty much the whole time we were eating. It was only towards the end that the pepper flavor kicked in, and even then, it was barely there.

In this Jollibee vs. McDonald’s sauce showdown Mickey D’s Mushroom Pepper Steak takes home the prize.

Patty Texture

The McDonald’s patty looked a bit like the Sausage McMuffin, so we expected it to be just as wonderful. Once we tried it, though, we were let down. The texture was chewy and slightly rubbery. In other words, very processed. The patty itself was also rather dry.

On the other hand, Jollibee’s patty is exactly the Jollibee burger patty that we all know and love. It was tender, meaty, juicy, and ever so slightly crisp around the edges. Yum.

Jollibee wins this round.

Patty Flavor

McDonald’s stayed on its downward spiral with the flavor of its burger patty. It tasted saltier than savory, a very artificial taste. Not much different from those cheap canned meatloaf thingies that people only get when they’re skint and the supermarket runs out of corned beef.

Again, Jollibee’s burger patty delivered. It had that 100% beef flavor and was at the perfect level of savory.

Regarding patty taste, Jollibee trumps McDo by a mile.

The Verdict

When it comes to Jollibee vs. McDonald’s, at least with pepper steaks, the winner would have to be Jollibee.
McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak
McDonald’s came out fighting with its wonderfully spicy sauce, but that was about the only thing they had going for them. Having said this, it was a good effort on their part. More importantly, we can now finally forgive them for their pathetic first attempt at a burger steak dish. If only for that, they should keep this dish on the menu.

To be fair, we’d probably still be eating Jollibee’s burger steak even without the sauce. They’ve mastered the burger patty game that it doesn’t matter what gravy they douse it in. Furthermore, this pepper cream concoction has made us realize that nothing beats the classic version. Jollibee Burger Steak is the OG of burger steaks, after all.

Now, if McDonald’s got back to us with an improved burger steak that used the same meat as their Big Mac or even the Sausage McMuffin, this verdict could very well change. How about it, McDo?
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