Laruan Atbp Cafe in Maginhawa

Laruan Atbp Café: Games, Books, Food, and More

Lately, every café seems to be evolving into a specialty café that is more than just an ordinary coffee shop serving pastries and providing free Wi-Fi. Some have become pet-friendly with dogs and cats freely playing around café while others cradle music, art, and craft workshops. These trends revolutionized the café industry that formerly relied solely on good food and constant customers to thrive. One of the new breeds in the industry that is currently making buzz is a game café in Maginhawa called Laruan Atbp Café.

So why are people flocking at Laruan Atbp Café?

Students, kids, parents, lolos, and lolas enjoy here.

Laruan Atbp Cafe in MaginhawaLaruan Atbp Café is one of those new game cafés established in Metro Manila, more specifically along the long stretch of the famous food hub, Maginhawa Street. It is a very strategic area for a game cafe because students flock here, with two giant universities Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines just a few kilometers away and high schools also just nearby.

As more and more students hear of the place, more and more classmates and colleagues are drawn to the café. Even daddies, mommies, and grandparents are frequent visitors to accompany their persuasive apos (grandchildren) and kids who are fond of games; and that’s perfectly fine because they, too, can enjoy the games and the food. The friendly game masters are ready to help anytime and can recommend games that their guests can play, from easy to crazily difficult ones. To avail the unlimited use of board games, the group must consume PHP 150 per guest.

Laruan Atbp means games and a lot more!

Laruan Atbp Cafe in Maginhawa

We all know that in a group of friends, there is always an odd one out, or two. These are the people who easily get bored with settling for just one activity. Laruan Atbp, which directly translates to “games and a lot more,” gives its visitors several options aside from just playing games. Let’s say, option 1 is games. What is option 2 in a game café? Obviously, coffee, drinks, and food. Option 3 is to read graphic novels, comics, and books. Option 4 is the atmosphere.

In Laruan Atbp Café, your friends can go for these other options to have some entertainment while the rest are playing. They can have fries, sandwiches, pasta, and lava cakes. If not, they can go around and pick a good book or comics on the shelves. Still not working? The surrounding is conducive to chatting so might as well socialize and catch up with the group.

You won’t be judged for being loud.

Laruan Atbp Cafe in Maginhawa

Your sudden outburst of high pitch, and non-stop talking and laughing will not get a “shhh” or “please keep quiet,” as voices are expected to echo inside the game house, just like in any other game houses.

You can go shopping!

Laruan Atbp Cafe in Maginhawa

Books and games are arranged on wooden shelves fixtures and metal shelves placed at the center aisle. You can pick board games and books by yourselves, but I recommend that you ask for the suggestions of your game master. Trust me, Laruan Atbp’s game masters are very knowledgeable about all the games available in the café.

If you get fond of a board or card game, you need not go to National Bookstore to buy one because they sell games in the café. And if you think the place is too loud for reading but you’ve got your eye on that graphic novel or book, not a problem, purchase that and continue your reading at home. Everything is really convenient!

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You can have a selfie with a rockstar!

Laruan Atbp Cafe in Maginhawa

Did you know that a famous guy in the person of Jay Contreras, the vocalist of rock band Kamikazee, is one of the owners of the café? You will see him roaming around the place and greeting all the visitors, if you are lucky enough, just like my friends and I.

What other game café or restaurant have you tried lately? Tell me all about your “gaming” experience through the comments section below.


Laruan Atbp Café is located at the Ground Floor of Luisa Building 2, 107 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Opening hours: Mondays–Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 12 midnight; Fridays–Saturdays from 12 noon to 2 a.m.; and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 12 midnight.

You may contact them at +63(2) 5126621. They accept reservations for big groups. For more information, you may visit their Facebook page.

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