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Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Won His Oscar

No, this is not a drill. The internet breathed a collective sigh of relief when Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar.

Sure it took a few nominations and snubs to get there, but that all just added to the sweet, sweet victory. Leo was nominated for his role in The Revenant.

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Of course, tweeps and die-hard fans were backing him up on this momentuous occasion.

Lots of people were also sharing the potential despair they would feel if, by some twist of fate, Leo wouldn’t get his Oscar today.

God forbid this would happen.

leonardo dicaprio harvey

But you know what? HE WON.

leonardo dicaprio

And his speech went something like this.

Just kidding. Like the class act that he is, he made sure to use his thank you speech as an avenue to raise awareness on climate change, a cause very close to his heart.


And while we’re at it, let’s commemorate the demise of one of the greatest memes that have been invented, ever.

leonardo dicaprio

Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar, this has become quite irrelevant.

Congratulations, Leo. You really are the king of the wooooooooorld!


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