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Liberty Eastwood: The New Kitchen + Brew On The Block

Lined up one bar after the other, it seems that Eastwood City already has it all, catering to different tastes and varying vibes. Adding a new bar may seem futile but this one new bar actually sets the bar high for everyone—even those that have become household names! This new kid on the block is Liberty Eastwood, a restaurant and brew bar in one.

Liberty offers a wide variety of Asian fusion cuisine that can both be enjoyed as a meal or as a match to your alcoholic drink of choice. Their bar list is just as revolutionary as what their kitchen serves. And all this comes in a reasonable price range that’s not going to ruin the fun once the bill comes. Liberty is a complete package, so to speak.

At first glance, Liberty already looks like it’s worth the visit. And biting into their food, it’s going to make you want to visit the place again, and again, and again.

Having visited Liberty for three times in three weeks already, let me tell you why I would go back to Liberty a thousand times more.

Liberty Eastwood has an array of amazing food.


Liberty Eastwood
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As if I have not stressed it enough, Liberty has great food. Coming from their appetizers down to their main course and finishing off with their desserts, everything seems to be a good choice. But what I loved most? Their skewers.

They offer a wide variety of grilled meat and vegetables that may well remind you of the Japanese yakitori, or even the Filipino street food.

These skewers, starting at PHP 50–195 for two sticks, are flavorful and fresh! They are perfect tummy fillers and even beer mates! Try out the gizzard (PHP 77) for some Filipino street food goodness and the tofu (PHP 77) if you’re in for something healthier.


Liberty Eastwood
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On the other hand, if you’re in for some pulutan or something to wet your palette before a good meal, the appetizers are worth getting your hands on. My favorites include the cauliflower in salted egg batter and red bean sauce (PHP 115), and the french beans served with salted egg mayo and liberty spice (PHP 110).

I thought of it too, of course, “What? Vegetables? How’s that even gonna taste any good.” But these appetizers got me weak in the knees in all its deep-fried goodness. And trust me, it’s probably gonna do that same to you.


If your appetite requires bigger servings, the entrées are a sure fire way to go. Being a fried chicken lover, it was natural for me to try out their own version of fried chicken (PHP 350) which, needless to say, did not disappoint. Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside. This one is definitely worth the try.

Liberty Eastwood
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I have yet to try the other choices for their entrées but their best sellers include baos and their Baby Squid and Crab Fat rice bowl. Hearsay is everything is so good you’d order it all if you had a bottomless stomach. From my experience, that is not far from the truth.


Liberty Eastwood
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After devouring all the food, sadly, I didn’t have enough room in my tummy for some dessert. But don’t be like me. Don’t miss out on their Matchamacallit because who doesn’t like matcha?

A bar that’s gonna buzz you right in the best way.

All my visits in Liberty Eastwood entailed a glass or two of alcohol. And being a loyal San Miguel Beer fan, I paired my meals with an ice cold San Mig Light.

What’s great about this is that their beer fits perfectly well with their food. I loved how the flavors of their food slid so well with the taste of beer. It’s a perfect match!

Liberty Eastwood
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Seeing their bar and menu, they also serve draft beers of other local and foreign brews. Other than these, their bar is packed with a list of cocktails creatively concocted.Other than these, their bar is packed with a list of cocktails creatively concocted. Try their Yogurt Soju, Whiskyade, and Matcha beer cocktail!

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That interior design, though.

Liberty Eastwood
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As a designer by profession, I appreciate a well-designed space. It sets the mood. It builds character. And it showcases how the owners value detail which is important in social spaces such as a bar. This is something Liberty has—the perfect set-up for the perfect hangout place. It is tastefully designed and well thought of. It’s like the cherry on top of everything great Liberty has to offer.

With countless of bars sprawled all over Manila, it can be quite difficult to choose a favorite. But from the very first time I set foot in Liberty Eastwood, I knew this could be one of the best. I mean, come on, great food, awesome drinks, reasonable pricing and a well-designed set-up—it’s hard to find a package this complete in Manila.


Liberty Kitchen + Brew is located in Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City. Opening hours: 11 a.m to 3 a.m. daily. You may contact them at any of the following numbers: +63977 839 1717 / +63(2) 975.9750. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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