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A Libreng Komiks Book Is Coming Your Way!

If you are a fan of comics or a casual lurker of the internet, chances are that you might have encountered a Libreng Komiks comic strip or two on your Facebook feed. Libreng Komiks is a Facebook page created by Toto Madayag, which features comic strips that capture everyday Filipino life using angsty, irreverent, yet relatable humor.

Since its inception, the comic strips featured on the page have reached viral status, and has even caught the attention of publications such as and

A year after the page’s launch, Toto Madayag announced that there will be a book compiling the different comic strips from the page called “Pucha, E ‘Di Komiks!”. (How appropriate, right?)

Aside from the comic strips that appeared on the Facebook page, there will be at least fifty new and exclusive comic strips that will only appear in the book! There is currently a fundraising project going on for the production of this book, with a goal to reach 1,000 pre-orders so that the book will be in print. As of April 29, 2016, the team has reached 67 percent of funding for the book.

While we cheer on the team as they achieve their goal, here is a compilation of some of the comic strips that made us feel strongly about things:

Nahanap na yata ang tunay na Carrot Man.

libreg komiks news
Image Credit: Libreng Komiks Facebook

Dad jokes, please.

libreng komiks fries
Image Credit: Libreng Komiks Facebook


Dadating din ang sweldo.

libreng komiks sweldo
Image Credit: Libreng Komiks Facebook

*after reading the comments section*

libreng komiks welp
Image Credit: Libreng Komiks Facebook

Puto, anyone? (Kaso wala nga daw silang puto.)

libreng komiks puto
Image Credit: Libreng Komiks Facebook

Libreng Komiks is indeed one of the web comics that you need to follow online. It’s crazy, irreverent, relatable and hilarious, and these qualities are what makes it endearing to many.

If you want to pre-order Pucha E ‘Di Komiks at Php 300, click this link: Please add a Php 60 shipping fee if you live in Metro Manila, or Php 100 shipping if you live in provincial areas.

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