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These 7 Local Fashion Brands Save The World By Giving Back

Did you know that it’s possible for you to be socially and environmentally responsible while being fashionable? Boys and girls, let these local fashion brands show you how!

Correcting what’s wrong with the society and our environment doesn’t mean having to go back to our caveman ways. No. In fact, here in our country alone, we have numerous forward-thinking businesses that are equal parts lucrative and socially or environmentally responsible.

Therefore, we lined up for you some of the local fashion brands you should be wearing if you wish to do something for the world around you while keeping things stylish!

(Boys, we have stuff for you here, too!)


local fashion brands
Image Credit: @rags2richesinc via Instagram

Rags2Riches is one of the local fashion brands that produce various items such as shoes, bags, and purses, among others. This social enterprise uses scrap cloth, organic materials, and various indigenous materials that are woven into the items they sell. These items are made by highly and locally trained artisans mostly composed of women who are members of poor communities all over the country.

Their social responsibility does not stop there. Also, the R2R program gives back by also providing training to their staff for them to be educated not only in vocational courses but also in financial literacy and health awareness, delivering long-term benefits.

Now, that is fashion with one hell of a purpose.


local fashion brands
Image Credit: @akabaco via Instagram

With all the international fashion brands setting up shop in the Philippines, fashion enthusiasts seem to have forgotten the talented craftsmen and products we have locally.

What Akaba tries to achieve is to revert us back to supporting Filipino craftsmanship. Akaba is a social enterprise and local fashion brand producing various styles of Filipino-made unisex bags. Think trendy knapsacks and road trip-ready duffel bags! What’s most fantastic about their styles is how the modern aesthetic of their products incorporate handwoven textiles sourced from indigenous and impoverished communities. Akaba does not only help provide livelihood to the less fortunate, but it also puts emphasis on the beauty of our time-tested textile industry.

3Anthill Fabric Gallery

local fashion brands
Image Credit: @anthillfabric via Instagram

Several people infer that local fashion brands selling ready-to-wear clothing are not as diverse, or trendy as fast fashion. Well, we say, think again. Anthill Fabric sources their raw materials from several weaving communities from all over the Philippines to be used by their local designers to make everyday fashion items.

As a result? Anthill Fabric Gallery’s pieces have that defining power to accentuate any boring outfit. Their pieces are fashion-forward yet easy to mix and match with any basic piece in your wardrobe. They even have children’s wear and neckties for men. Local sustainable fashion is limitless, and Anthill Fabric Gallery proves that.


local fashion brands
Image Credit: @lesliebanayo via Instagram

This is for the fancy and the superstitious—those who are charmed by charms. Maruyog is a line of amulets, or anting-anting in Tagalog, made by the Kati-Kati Aeta community in Guiramas. The charms are made of local materials such as dried roots, coconut oil, and stones they call Diamante Negra.

Maruyog’s goal is to uplift the lives of the members of the Aeta community who have found a livelihood in selling their amulets at a decent price. If there’s magic that you can get from buying their products, it’s going to be good karma.

5Kinamot nga Buhat

local fashion brands
Image Credit: @kinamotngabuhat via Instagram

Many of us remember Typhoon Haiyan with a heavy heart. The people of Tacloban, however, show us that hope can be cultivated from tragedies. Kinamot nga Buhat, translated from Waray-Waray as handmade, is a social enterprise responsible for the manufacturing of Haiyan Unity Bracelet, a unisex handcrafted jewelry done by the Typhoon Haiyan survivors. Warays are known for bodily ornaments that are reflected in the craftsmanship of the Kinamot nga Buhat jewelry.

This enterprise gives back by providing jobs to the survivors of the typhoon. And this proves to us that life can be renewed, that the resiliency of Filipinos is as strong as jewels.

6The Carrier Pigeon Project

local fashion brands
Image Credit: @carrierpigeonproject via Instagram

Have you ever encountered doubters of your advocacies who attack your sense of style just to question your passion for helping others? These are the people who tell you, “Your shoes can already send a kid to school, you know!”

Well, we found fashion items that can send kids to school and send any of your doubters home! The Carrier Pigeon Project sells fashion-forward pieces that will make you look polished for less. TCPP’s primary purpose lies in helping less fortunate children be able to get the education they very well deserve. A part of the sales of TCPP helps send kids to school and even help build schools for poor communities. TCPP is one of the local industry’s advocates for education.

Now, who says local fashion brands can’t save the world?


local fashion brands
Image Credit: @suelasonline via Instagram

In a modern world where everything is happening all too rapidly, we do not have time for overpriced, uncomfortable shoes made by overworked, underpaid laborers. Suelas is the complete antithesis to that. Keeping in mind the customer’s comfortability, Suelas manufactures foldable, incredibly comfortable footwear that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It is priced reasonably without sacrificing quality. It is also 100% locally made to perfection.

While those factors may be enough for you to buy a pair or ten, hear this. Suelas is in partnership with Gawad Kalinga providing livelihood to members of the GK community. It saves your feet while changing lives.

If we could only list every single social enterprise in the country, we would. Here at Philihappy, we are always in search of things that support inclusive growth and development for our nation. Here’s a little secret we would like to share in this journey—it is not hard to find businesses or organizations that genuinely try to do good while making a living out of their passions. Get out there and support these local fashion brands that give back. Imagine the kind of change we can all do with a single pair of high-quality shoes and a timeless local fashion piece.

Doing good is not boring, definitely not with our honorable social entrepreneurs!

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