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These Local Hugot Commercials Teach Hard Truths About Love

You’re sitting down, flipping through the channels when all of a sudden, a commercial comes on that pulls you in. You think at first, maybe this is the beginning of a new TV series? Am I looking at the opening scene of a movie? Why is it so dramatic?! Brands have gotten really good at tugging at our heartstrings with local hugot commercials, it’s almost sad that we fall for them. Every. Single. Time.  But let’s just entertain ourselves, shall we?

Jollibee’s “Vow” Made Sure You Don’t Fall In Love With Your Best Friend.

Would you like to be the best man or maid-of-honor at the wedding of your best friend whom you’re secretly in love with? Pretty sure, that’s a “no.” But props to kuya for being so selfless.

But Then They Made Bawi With “Perfect Pairs” To Ensure You That Love Is Worth The Wait.

So this whole time kuya had his own best friend who just watched on the sidelines while he followed this other ate girl around like a puppy?! We hear you, bes. Sometimes it just takes people longer to realize that what they need has been in front of them all along. *sigh* This one ranks high, especially recently, in local hugot commercials that bring all the feels.

McDonald’s “Tuloy Pa Rin” Promised That You Would Be Able To Move On From A Break-Up.

Everyone at some point has gotten dumped. We’re evil eyeing the ones who always do the dumping, though. “Tuloy Pa Rin” probably hurt a lot more because it happened to a seemingly genuine girl in like…five minutes. And of course, we couldn’t get over the fact that she still looked so pretty even when she cried. But ladies, there is life after love! Sing it, Cher!

And Then They Gave Pretty Girl An Even Better Happy Ending!

We know what you’re thinking…karma! Relax guys, we’re all mature adults here. So is life, that you find someone new who fills your heart again with gladness. And so is life, that you look back on the past and regret what you lost. McDonald’s assured us that in its growing list of local hugot commercials, all will be well, all will move on. Capisce?

Extra: This Is How It Happened

Just in case anyone was wondering where the missing part of the story was, here you go.

Globe’s “Take That Chance” Gave Us Courage To Revisit Our Pasts.

You know how when a relationship doesn’t go the way you planned and you think it can never be resolved again? Then your mind jumps to a thousand conclusions of what happened there or how is that person now? Local hugot commercials try to get us thinking this way…and they succeed. However, what you thought may be scary or faced with rejection could just be the start or start-over of something great and unexpected.

Smart’s “How To Survive A Breakup” Showed Us We Shouldn’t Stalk Our Exes.

Because you’re just inflicting more pain on yourself, dude! The best way to get over someone is to first bury everything in the past. Don’t look back, don’t check up. Just don’t.

And Then They Taught You “How To Win Back Your Ex” By Just…Calling.

Would you call up an ex again? Balls man, if you would. Smart continued its series of local hugot commercials on “how to” by letting kuya get over himself and try reconnecting. The thing is, though, you should always be prepared to hear: it’s just not going to happen. You should also be prepared to know that ex boyfie or girlfriend could be seeing someone else. But as we say, ok lang yan! You never know, right?

Bonus: Prinsipe Alden Is Such A Winner

And it has nothing to do with our round-up of local hugot commercials that could be MMFF entries, but this one is giving us strong Enteng Kabisote vibes. Plus, seeing Alden Richards on screen always get us a little giddy.


For the broken-hearted and for those looking for sweethearts, trust us when we say, there’s a time to move on and there’s a time to wait. You can never rush love and these local hugot commercials understand. They’re making big bucks off your relating to their stories, anyway. But we can always enjoy and have a good laugh over things we’ve all been through. Tuloy pa rin.

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