Logan the Welsh

Meet Logan The Welsh: The Cutest Four-Legged Explorer

On October 16, 2014, Logan the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or Logan the Welsh was born. Casual spectators and dog lovers from the Philippines (and the whole world) are sure to stand up and take notice of this cutie! His short, stumpy body and large head, as well as his goofy demeanor, are sure to make people laugh and feel giddy!

Logan the Welsh

With his second birthday coming up very soon, we will be sharing some of Logan’s best moments on Instagram, as well as some exclusive photos and videos. We also chatted with his fur-mom Ruth, who shared with us some more stories about Logan, as well as some tips on being the best pet parent that you can be.

Love at first paw

Logan the Welsh

Before getting Logan, Ruth shared that she has always had dogs while living with her family. However, it was only a year of solo living when she decided to be completely responsible for one. She also had to take into consideration her active lifestyle, as well as her daily work schedule when it comes to getting a pet dog.

Logan the Welsh

When she decided to get a dog of her own, Ruth researched about her shortlisted dog breeds. In her research, she also had to think about her lifestyle and circumstances. She saw that a corgi was a good fit for her. However, when she was looking for potential breeders and available litter, she had a hard time finding readily available pups.

Lucky corgi

By some stroke of luck, she learned that the dad of a former intern from her company was a champion Corgi breeder. At that time she was about to get him, Logan was already seven months old and was a consistent “Best Puppy” winner at dog shows.

Logan the Welsh

When Ruth visited Logan, she did not expect to take him home. “Visiting fur babies is a trap!” said Ruth, after that visit to Logan. Among all the puppies, she described Logan the Welsh as “the most friendly, clingy, and energetic.” As a result, his warm and friendly nature convinced Ruth to take him home.

Social media darling

Ever since Logan the Welsh came into Ruth’s life, life has been more light and joyous, along with a dash of adventure and excitement. In fact, his social media pages on Facebook and Instagram are reflective of the life he leads with his pawrents. Each adventure is documented, as well as important milestones in Logan’s life. Whether it’s surfing in Baler, chilling in Baguio, or exploring BGC, Logan is always game.

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Pet parenthood

Although having a pet is fun and exciting, it is also important to remember that having one is also a responsibility. Ruth has three tips to keep in mind before taking on this exciting journey of becoming a pawrent.

Logan the Welsh

Ruth shared that the first thing that you have to do is to research on what kinds of pets will fit your lifestyle and circumstances. It is important to look into the pros and cons of the different methods of getting a pet dog, especially if you are going to buy one.  “Should you decide to buy, please avoid getting from pet shops because of the horrid conditions of most breeding facilities (who sell to pet stores). Conduct due diligence – visit your breeder’s home/place before buying a puppy,” she explained.

Pet commitment

Logan the Welsh

Ruth shared the importance of commitment, especially when it comes to owning a dog. “When I say commit, you won’t just be there for play time. Find out the best diet that suits your dog, get him/her enough exercise, give him/her a bath once a week, etc.”

Logan the Welsh

Ruth also stresses the importance of responsibility in pet parenthood.  “Overall, understand that you will be taking care of this creature for the next 10-15 years so make sure you’re ready first,” she advises. “If you enter your relationship with that understanding, then I’m sure you will be a very good pawrent.”

Logan the Welsh

For many people, pets have become an integral part of their lives. Logan the Welsh Corgi, is a shining example. His joyous nature, coupled with his love for adventure, has made the lives of many people happy, whether online or in real life.

Follow Logan and his adventures on Instagram or Facebook. All photos and videos are taken from Logan’s Instagram.

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