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Los Indios Bravos Boracay: The Revolutionary Gastropub

Beer is the great unifier. You don’t need an occasion to enjoy it; it just has to be served cold and with great company. Beer is there when you want to strengthen relationships, and can even give you a little push to talk to a new friend.

In Boracay, local handcrafted beers are not yet so popular—which is a shame, considering the mileage it can get from tourists both local and foreign who can spread the word about it. This is something Los Indios Bravos Boracay wants to change.

Meet Los Indios Bravos

boracay los indios bravos

Tucked away from White Beach and D’Mall is a new gastropub called Los Indios Bravos. Here, it’s all about the beer. “We have an international menu offering a pub atmosphere,” says owners Heather and Tristan. “We have 12 different styles of locally sourced handcrafted beers. Four are served on tap.” All the handcrafted beers are sourced from local microbreweries.

Most tourists would stick to White Beach when looking for places to eat, so Los Indios Bravos is considered as a bit of an underdog since it’s located off the main tourist area. However, Heather and Tristan want to start a new trend—that Boracay is not all about White Beach.

boracay los indios bravos

Los Indios Bravos’ English translation is “the brave natives.” Indios was known to be a derogatory term for the uneducated Filipinos during the Spanish colonization. However, the intellectuals came and changed that into something more positive.

It’s all about the beer

boracay los indios bravos

Obviously, beer is the star here. We tried two of their beers with our meal. First was Summer Sessions from Craft Point Brew, which we found very light and laidback.

The Kalinga Kölsch, on the other hand, is inspired by kölsch. This is a German beer usually served at room temperature. This version is served cold so it’s refreshing. It has a fruity bubbly taste that resembles a champagne.

Los Indios Bravos’ menu was developed with the help of ISCAHM, and served by their amazing staff whom Heather and Tristan call as their most essential asset. “One great thing about our staff, they’ll do everything they can to get the food together no matter how busy the day could get.”

Amazing flavors and more

boracay los indios bravos

For appetizers, we tried their Kilawin and Cobb Salad. The kilawin has croutons, which was a welcome addition. We found that it was best paired with the Kalinga Kölsch.

boracay los indios bravos

The Cobb Salad was a medley of amazing flavors: bacon, blue cheese, salmon, and generous chunks of chicken bathed in a simple yet delightful dressing! Pair this with Summer Sessions.

boracay los indios bravos

Our mains were two star dishes that left us full. Los Indios Bravos’ Veal Cheeks were served with the most perfectly cooked and seasoned mashed potatoes we have ever tried. The chef cooks the meat in a red wine sauce, topped with crispy fried onions. The dish had European flavors that worked so well on the palate. The recommended beer for this one? Their Bliss Point Brown Ale, which is sweet and aromatic, thanks to hazelnut and caramel.

boracay los indios bravos

The cheesy Chorizo and Mushroom Risotto was another stunner that was really filling. It’s perfect with 34th Pursuit India Pale Ale which has a bitter kick and malty taste.

Explore beyond White Beach

We can’t help but agree with Heather and Tristan in their sentiment. Experiencing Boracay is not all about White Beach. There are awesome nooks and crannies that would be a shame to miss if we limited our itinerary to the tried-and-tested.

boracay los indios bravos

Los Indios Bravos truly takes the time to make sure they are doing their best to provide an experience to the diner. “For us, it helps to add a personal touch to our service to make the whole experience pleasing and satisfying for our customers,” they share. “We go the extra mile to serve our customers better.”

So like Los Indios, take the brave step and try something new while in Boracay! Sip some fantastic beer and indulge in great food. It’s another interesting story you’ll be able to tell your friends back home!


Find Los Indios Bravos at Road 1A, Bulabog, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily. For reservations, you may send an email to indiosbravosboracay@gmail.com, or contact them at +63 (36) 2882803. Visit their Facebook page of their website.


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