Travel Buddies at Another Travel Meetup

Meet New Travel Buddies in Another Travel Meetup

If you ask the people over at FlipTrip (and their travel-loving friends) where they opt to go, they choose the roads less taken. Everyone who attended FlipTrip’s last travel meetup, held on January 27, affirmed this notion. It’s a lot of fun to discover off-the-beaten-tracks and places few have ventured. And it’s a lot more fun to share your unique travel stories with people who love the hobby as much as you do, and to gain travel buddies for your next travels.

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Come through, everyone!!! Another Travel Meetup Happening at A SPACE Makati!! #teamfliptrip #FlipTripPH

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FlipTrip is a travel agency where you can customize your travel plans here in the Philippines. What’s so special about this particular travel agency is the fact that you get to go to places and attend events that you won’t be able to search online when you DIY your itineraries. You will also help sustain local communities in the process and learn to be responsible tourists. FlipTrip promotes sustainable tourism by discovering destinations and helping the local community develop and maintain their business in the long run. In turn, FlipTrip has created a community of travel-loving people who are both responsible tourists and advocate the same.

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What I love about this community is that they capture the very essence of travel and truly immerse yourself in their culture of others. To travel is to broaden your horizons, not just by the new places you see but the people you get to interact with, from fellow explorers to the locals themselves. It’s an amazing way of getting to know the world and discover yourself at the same time.


Last December, FlipTrip, together with Where to Next and Commune, held their first Travel Meetup. The event was so successful that there had to be a part two! More people wanted to join in the fun. So FlipTrip decided to organize Another Travel Meetup, aptly named if I may add, so their community can grow and more people can share their exciting travel stories.

A gathering of individuals who share the same passion was held this time at A Space Manila. Did I mention it you could join for free, and you get to receive a lot of freebies? There was pizza, beer, games, and, more importantly, awesome people. Who wouldn’t want to go this event?

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A Space was packed when I arrived, and the epic trivia game was about to start. It felt like my old Social Studies classes in elementary with the questions being facts about our country, destinations, and everything else revolving around it. There was a friendly competition and the teams bonded. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see pictures of the friends I’ve made in the meetup traveling together.

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It got intense when there were multiple points given for each question.  It was a close fight, but the winning team (the A-team) bagged it by reciting 78 provinces in the Philippines within 60 seconds (wild!). They won goodies from Human Nature, Columbia Sportswear, and Swish. The best prize was the Gift Certificates from Ganso Shabuway they can use to plan their next adventure.

After the program, people stayed to chat, hang out, take selfies and add each other up on Facebook. I met an awesome photographer who takes amazing photos of his travels. I also had an interesting chat with a fellow Isko (#UPFight, haha) and how her misadventure turned into discovering her current love interest. How romantic is that? (Serendipity, perhaps?) I had to leave earlier, but I totally enjoyed the event, despite my introverted qualities. The crowd was engaging and friendly. I’m hoping for more events like this in the future. Maybe I’ll get to see you there, too!

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