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20 Times Millennial Of Manila Got Excessively Real

Joining the ranks of popular caricatures on Twitter such as Titas of Manila (@TitasofManila), Dads of Manila (@DadsOfManila), and Halamans of Manila (@HalamansOfMnl), Millennial of Manila is a witty and relevant look into the lives of the typical millennial experience in Manila.

Are you following them yet? Combining memes, puns, and commentaries on popular culture and social issues, theirs is an account that almost every millennial can relate to, as seen through these tweets:

When you struggle to open up your feelings to your friends:

Friday night na naman. Anong plano mo, girl?

When your crush makes you go, “boom, pak, ganern!”

“Bes, andiyan na ang ulan!

Snapchat is luv, Snapchat is lyf— even when you’re commuting.

If only we can respond to questions with “Pak ganern!

Jollibee showing us how to behave on social media:

Kung pwede lang mag-rap ng “S2pid Luv” sa talent show, gorabells:

Aminin mo na, ni-like mo yung picture ni crush sa Instagram from 2 years ago and you tried to undo it:

The struggle to study for finals is real po!

Sana summer na lang, summer na lang ulit.

It’s Friday! Time to walwal! Oh wait…

How 2 be positive in lyf po, mamang

Nandito na si crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paano mag-react mga bes???


True friendship comes in the form of the latest Game of Thrones episode torrent:

Making my way through the MRT like:

Judy Ann Santos giving us some lessons on dealing with haters:

Panalo na yung GSW, but we’ll cheer for them anyway even if we don’t really know what’s happening:

Before a night out:

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