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From Miscarriages to Miracle: This Mom Shares Her Story of Hope

It takes a lot of hope, courage, and patience to be a mother – from pregnancy, delivery, to child rearing. Mothers deserved to be honored, not only on Mother’s Day, but every single day.

Here we present three inspiring mothers and their personal accounts of their unconditional love for their children and family.

Meet our first mom, CJ Jimenez. She shares her story of hope amidst the grief of miscarriage.

Cherry Joy “CJ” Virata-Jimenez, 34

CJ got married to Ernest Francis Eugene Jimenez, a video editor in a major broadcasting network, in 2010. She had been experiencing difficulty conceiving as her body rejects the baby. Her immune system was so strong, that it treated the baby as a foreign object.  She lost their first and second babies in 2012.

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Struggles in conceiving

“We had so many false positive, negative pregnancy tests, spotting, bleeding, blood tests, nights when we just cried and hugged each other until we fell asleep. I had to quit my job in Shell not only because of my growing business but mainly because we would like to work on having the baby,” CJ shared. “See, life taught me that your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. That sometimes you have to give up something to get something. That you cannot plan nor control everything.”

She was given medications to help improve her condition. She even had to undergo two FBS and several diabetes tests. For six months, her husband’s blood had to be extracted every two weeks, processed into a vaccine, and injected to her. There were times that she had to go to work with a bandage on her arms, which was very itchy and painful.

The unending love and encouragement from her family and friends helped CJ recover from miscarriages and move on. She and Ernest finally decided to go with in-vitro fertilization. Armed with faith, she told her doctor, “Alam ko ibibigay na yan ni Lord.”

Sadness in joy

 When she found out that she was pregnant, it was a priceless moment for her and the entire family. She, however, cannot fully celebrate. During her pregnancy, her mother and brother passed away. These incidents left her emotionally broken.

“It was really hard especially when my brother passed away. My mom has been battling diabetes for more than 20 years, having dialysis for three years. My brother’s passing was more painful as it was an accident. He was so young and has a young child, too.”

There was also a time when Ernest was hospitalized due to dengue. It had been a struggle but they have learned how strong they are as a couple, how important they are to each other, and how God truly loves them.

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Thankfully, CJ had a safe delivery and welcomed a bouncing baby girl. She named her Crystal Mae Erin because of her love and longing for her mother, Ma. Editha Palomar Virata, and her brother, Christopher John Virata. Erin was derived from her lovable and supportive husband’s name.

Words of Hope

After all that has happened, CJ says “Not everything goes as planned, you can’t control everything. Only God knows the best path for you. Trust His wisdom and love but never get tired of trying. I am a mom now for little less than a year if I count being pregnant as part of it, but I realized that being a mom is the best thing that can happen to a woman. It is all worth the wait, the pain, the money, the tears and patience.”

CJ is enjoying being a hands-on working mom. She is a true inspiration. If you would like to contact her, you may reach her on Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Can you relate to CJ’s story? Share your own, too. Tag #Philihappy or comment your story below.

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