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8 Most Kilig Celeb Wedding Proposals Ever

We’re used to seeing public displays of affection on social media, but for some reason, celebrity wedding proposals are always thrilling to watch. Though we often see them acting on-screen or delivering spiels expertly, seeing them break down the moment the love of their life proposes can still move us to tears.

In no particular order (because how can you rate kilig?), here are eight of our favorite wedding proposals from artistas we love:

1Rooftop Proposal: Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad

It wasn’t just Kaye Abad who was surprised with the proposal. Family and friends gathered to surprise Kaye for her birthday, but they didn’t know Paul Jake planned it all along as an engagement proposal to Kaye. There were no dry eyes that night when Paul Jake dropped on his knees to offer forever to the tearful Kaye Abad.

2Airport Proposal: Bianca Gonzales and JC Intal

It’s like the whole NAIA connived to make the fairytale come true. Before the TV host and model Bianca Gonzales got on her plane to London, her then-boyfriend asked the life-changing question in front of everyone present at the airport. While singer Prince Valencia serenaded the couple, JC popped the question to the already crying Bianca.

3Flash Mob Proposal: John Prats and Isabel Oli

In true John Prats fashion, not only did he dance his way to Isabel Oli’s heart, he also dance his way for Isabel’s resounding “Yes!” John Prats proposed with a flash mob at Eastwood Mall to the unsuspecting Isabel. Friends and family wholeheartedly supported the engagement, and 300 people joined the dance. His 3 months of planning is enough to prove how he wanted to make it the best night Isabel’s life.

4Church Proposal: Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

After a heartfelt testimonial in front of the whole congregation of New Life Christian Center during a Sunday service, Jericho Rosales proposed to his then-girlfriend Kim Jones. In front of God, the church and the love of his life, Jericho started talking how he’s unworthy of love, and beautifully finishes with his confession to Kim.

5Music Video Proposal: Neri Naig and Chito Miranda

Neri thought she was just shooting a music video for Chito’s friend. What she didn’t know was Chito’s thorough preparation to make it the perfect night. She filmed the music video completely unaware till a message flashed on the projector. Then Chito appeared on his knees, asking the crying Neri to marry him. Now, that’s how a frontman proposes!

6Planado ang lahat Proposal: Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi

Zoren had the whole family involved with this one, as he executed the ultimate proposal and wedding all on the same day! Carmina thought the whole family was just shooting a wedding-themed commercial for ice cream brand Selecta. It all got a little messy, too, with the entire hullabaloo with the choreographer and Zoren, and just when things were about to get ugly—things shifted to a different direction. Everyone was suddenly dancing and Zoren was proposing; and of course, Carmina said yes. The day didn’t end there because on the day itself, they got married!

7Seventh Year Proposal: Rochelle Pangilinan and Arthur Solinap

Proving that the seven-year itch is not always true, Arthur Solinap asked Rochelle Pangilinan’s hand in marriage just this year. Gathering all friends and their families, Arthur surprised Rochelle with the proposal at Indang Resort in Cavite, which was used as a location for the Daisy Siete taping where they worked together.

8Jeepney Proposal: Coach Rio dela Cruz and Nicole Wuthrich

Nicole had doubts when Rio asked her to shoot a music video with her. Even during the filming itself, she started to feel something was different the moment she climbed inside the jeepney and saw her friends there. What made the moment even more insane was when her favorite band Up Dharma Down boarded the PUJ, too. Rio popped the question after everyone got off the jeepney in front of the UP Oblation in Diliman. Can there possibly more romantic wedding proposals than this?

Did any of your favorite wedding proposals make it to the list?  Tell us in the comments!

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