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Movies To Watch In May: Our Favorite Pirate Is Back And Hello Baywatch

A month into summer and the heat is just getting stronger. You know what else is getting steamier? The pack of movies we have for you this month of May. As if the cinemas are in sync with the summer heat, this month, we have a line up of really enticing off-the-grill movie choices to enjoy for movie dates or barkada movie nights! Here’s your list of movies to watch in May!


Opening Date: May 3, 2017
Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Jenny Slate, Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer

Chris Evans takes on a heartwarming role with Gifted. In this movie, he plays an uncle of the orphaned child of his sister to whom he vowed to take care of. The kid, Mary, turns out to be a genius which eventually becomes the source of conflict with parental rights between Frank, played by Chris Evans, and her grandmother. This month welcomes us with a warm family story where we see Chris Evans fighting for family.


Opening Date: May 3, 2017
Director: Dan Villegas
Starring: Jericho Rosales, Bella Padilla

This month is packed with much-awaited Filipino movies to watch in May.

What if your lucky charm comes in the form of a person? You’ll get all the luck in life so long as you are with this person and given you are not to love her? This is where the story of this new Filipino romance movie evolves. Led by no less than Jericho Rosales and Bella Padilla, this movie is definitely a game of love to bet on.


Opening Date: May 10, 2017
Director: James Ponsoldt
Starring: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega

Coming from the great hit Beauty and The Beast live remake last month, Emma Watson returns in a sci-fi thriller this month!

Mae, as played by Emma Watson, lands her dream job in a huge tech company. At first glance it is all over-the-top. Imagine landing a dream job in a world-renowned company! However, this opportunity opens her to a world of harshness and power-hunger. We’re all excited to see what’s bound to come up. We imagine this is like Big Brother of the 21st century gone more evil and awry.


Opening Date: May 17, 2017
Director: Veronica Velasco
Starring: Jodi Sta. Maria, Xian Lim, Joseph Marco

Ever imagined how your life will be like if you took a different turn or you woke up at a different time or you had the completely opposite day from the one you last had?

This Filipino movie shows us just that—two sides of Jodi Sta. Maria’s life! The great thing about this movie is that it seems to show the contrasts between life, family, work and love. It is not just a romance but also, in a way, a movie of self-discovery.


Opening Date: May 17, 2017
Director: David Bowers
Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Charlie Wright

Greg Heffley is back to lead us to another adventure much, much bigger than middle school in our movies to watch in May! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul guides us on the story of the great Heffley roadtrip that somehow takes a big turn when Greg decides to be rebellious. Yes, you got that right. Our wimpy kid is now a rebel turning this innocent roadtrip into the family’s biggest adventure and/or mishap. Welcome back, Greg!


Opening Date: May 24, 2017
Director: Seth Gordon
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario

When we hear Baywatch, we often imagine slow-running lifeguards in red suits. This one is not quite far from that. This one, however, has got a very buff Zac Efron in it. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and the rest of the Baywatch gang, these lifeguards are bound to fight crime and keep the people on the beach from harm, in a very hot fashion. If this is not this year’s summer movie, then I don’t know what is.


Opening Date: May 24, 2017
Director: Joachim Ronning, Espen Sandberg
Starring: Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Geoffrey Rush

Captain Jack Sparrow is back. Not only that, the ghost pirates led by his old nemesis Captain Salazar are back too. The only way to take them over? Captain Jack Sparrow needs to find the Trident of Poseidon. This fantasy/action/comedy film is taking over the silver screens again for the 5th time and we are 500 times more excited to see it than ever! Be sure to catch it for your list of movies to watch in May!


Opening Date: May 31, 2017
Director: David Soren
Starring: Kevin Hart, Kristen Schaal, Ed Helms

Here comes hilarity with the new animated movie from Dreamworks! Two pranksters in school pull off their biggest prank—hypnotizing their principal and turning him into a superhero in the identity of Captain Underspants! Ever thought of how it is like to pull of a prank so good it’s worth putting into movies? This one is that.


We mean it when we say that summer is just heating up. Even the movies to watch in May tell us the same thing!

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