niall horan in boracay
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Confirmed: Niall Horan in Boracay Actually Happened

A lot has happened to One Direction. The band famously announced a hiatus not long ago, after wrapping up their tour and releasing one last single. Besides that, former member Zayn Malik is now letting his true voice be heard. Zayn’s solo effort Pillowtalk has topped charts, and he’s about to release an album soon.But what Pinoy Directioners really want to know is, was Niall Horan in Boracay for real?!

Could this be Niall Horan In Boracay?

niall horan in boracay
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Fans went into a frenzy just a few weeks ago when there was a supposed sighting of One Direction member Niall Horan in Boracay, our very own island paradise. In early February, grainy photos of what could be the blonde boy band member surfaced online. Squint hard enough, and you’ll see it could be him.

It was indeed Niall Horan in Boracay!

boracay sunset ..

A photo posted by Niall Horan (@niallhoran) on

Niall posted this photo on Instagram today, with the caption “Boracay sunset.” Even this guy couldn’t resist the charm of one of the most beautiful views in the country!

It is fascinating how Niall Horan managed to keep this all hush-hush for the most part, and enjoyed a relaxing vacation with friends. Niall went from Bali, Indonesia to Boracay, Philippines. He spent a few days presumably enjoying the sun and sand before heading off again. At least now we know where we thought he was when we thought he was!

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