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10 Parokya Ni Edgar Songs That Will Never Get Old

Twenty years strong in the industry and Parokya ni Edgar still continue to capture Pinoys with every song they play for us—both old and new. Parokya ni Edgar definitely have the kind of music that is quintessential to Filipinos.

With the amount of love, honor, and respect they have received over the decades, perhaps it is safe to say that the band is already one of the pillars of Original Pinoy Music (OPM). And no, they are not bound to stop just yet. They haven’t gone too old or too tired to make music for us. The band doesn’t waver with the time that passes by them. Parokya ni Edgar only grow more pogi with the years. And we hope to God they never disband like these other Filipino novelties, who we’re still hoping might get back together.

With six years of touring and gigging since Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers, playing for us again and again, the songs generations have grown to love, the boys of Parokya ni Edgar are back with a full-length album which has been fondly entitled Pogi Years Old. Just as with anything they have made, this one is packed with yet another set of songs that are bound to become theme songs of our lives.

While we have something fresh to enjoy from Chito, Vinci, Gab Buwi, Darius, and Dindin, let us trace back to those 20 years of fun, craziness, and all-around smashing music from Parokya ni Edgar. Just to give us a little hint of nostalgia before we venture out to the pogi­-er years of Parokya, here are the timeless songs from the band that we will never get tired of.

Buloy (Khangkhungkherrnitz, 1996)

Parokya ni Edgar released their first album in 1996 with “Buloy” as its carrier single. This showcased the rawness in Parokya ni Edgar’s music, the kind most people can relate to. From this song on, fans have embraced Parokya ni Edgar and their music as if we have all found a new friendship in them.

“Buloy” will always be a classic for us all. It tells a story of Buloy in a narrative as if to paint a real person with his own strengths and a definite weakness—something we possibly see in the people around us.

Silvertoes (Buruguduystunstugudunstuy, 1997)

As if the title of Parokya ni Edgar’s debut album was not tough enough to read, here they went a notch higher with this quirky, rather confusing title for their sophomore album. But did their album titles hinder us from remembering their music? No, definitely not. With much more to offer, their sophomore album brought out several of the life hymns we now know by heart.

One song off this album is “Silvertoes.” Before “throwing shade” was ever a known term, here is Parokya ni Edgar throwing the ultimate shade to a girl who thinks she’s all that. I’m sure some of you have had names in your heads when listening to this. *wink*

Harana (Buruguduystunstugudunstuy, 1997)

The boys of Parokya ni Edgar have always been known for their naughty and playful antics. But past that mischievous façade are real romantics that made several of OPM’s timeless love songs. If we may say so, we think that “Harana” tops all romantic Parokya ni Edgar songs.

This brought the concept of harana to the modern world and has witnessed love stories of generation after generation! We bet somebody here has sung this to someone.

Halaga (Gulong Itlog Gulong, 1999)

They may be no NSYNC or Backstreet Boys, as you can clearly see from the music video of this song, but these boys definitely brought feelings out of all of us. With this song, most especially. Thank you to Parokya ni Edgar for bringing us the ultimate anthem of all those in the friend zone.

This Guy’s In Love With You Pare (Himig Handog, 2002)

“This Guy’s In Love With You Pare” was a finalist in a songwriting competition. Although this song was written by composers Michael Angelo Villegas and Allan Feliciano, Parokya ni Edgar brought it to life. They did so in such a candid manner that is very characteristic of the band. This made the song sound a lot more reachable to the fans. People still love singing this on karaoke!

The Yes Yes Show (Bigotilyo, 2003)

This was the song that we all memorized so we could rap along with Chito and Vinci. Although the sound of this one strayed away from the usual alternative we were used to hear from Parokya ni Edgar, we loved it just as much. It does have its quirky vibe, characteristic of the band. Alam mo ba yung picha pie?

Alumni Homecoming (Bigotilyo, 2003)

This was not released as a single, but it didn’t have to be to become a hit. “Alumni Homecoming” is a retrospective song about a guy telling a story of his high school crush in a very candid yet definitely thoughtful and heart-wrenching manner. To this day, it makes us all look back to our high school selves and the love that sprung from that ripe time of our lives. Talk about the one that got away, eh?

Para Sa’yo (Halina sa Parokya, 2005)

With all of Parokya’s quirky antics come their incredibly funny videos and this one is no exception. Remember that time when Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) was such a novelty? Yep, this was released around the same time. Again, past all the playfulness is a song that seems to embrace you and all the feelings you have no words for.

Gitara (Halina sa Parokya, 2005)

Right around the same time PBB was released in the Philippines, Koreanovelas found their way to Philippine shores. And this, we inferred from the music video. Although this Parokya ni Edgar song has an extremely comedic and parodic music video, “Gitara” emanates that same romance we got from “Harana.” What could be a better combo than boys who can make you laugh and will sing to you?

Lagi Mong Tatandaan (Pogi Years Old, 2016)

Paving way to a new era for Parokya ni Edgar, and welcoming newer fans is another promising single from their latest album called Lagi Mong Tatandaan. The same music, the same honesty, the same rawness—only a more pogi, much wiser, definitely more mature Parokya ni Edgar

Most of us love Parokya ni Edgar because they made their music very accessible for us. They sang our own stories; they played music so reminiscent of our feelings. Parokya ni Edgar have always been so real that their music seemed to be a reflection of our lives. The band never had to be pretentious. They showed us such rawness unfazed by the fame they have garnered throughout the years. We’re definitely excited to grow with this new album and to grow with Parokya ni Edgar.

The band has made so many more anthems that have stuck with us through and through. Tell us which Parokya ni Edgar songs are your favorites!

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