Saturday, January 21, 2017
Lazada Philippines


Try me for your next big marketing campaign and place your banner ads on my website. Online advertising levels up your A game by breaking barriers of physical distance and connecting to a bigger audience any time of the day.


Does your digital marketing campaign appeal more to a particular niche? I know exactly what you need. Philihappy is the first website in the Philippines offering a customizable banner ad placement where you can precisely target the proper niche audience for your marketing campaigns. This is the most efficient way to get you quality traffic and increased conversion rate. My packages come with competitive price tags too, so you can take full control of your advertising costs.



You have an online store for shoes, and your goal is to generate more sales in the Philippines. Using the banner ad system, you can match this goal with where you want your banner ad to show in Philihappy. You offer shoes, so logically, the best target audience for you must be visitors in the Fashion section. Simply choose this option when purchasing an ad space in Philihappy. As simple as that!


You have a restaurant, and your goal is to attract more diners. Then the best place for your ad in Philihappy is the Living section, where visitors will find the Food & Drinks subcategory.


Is brand visibility your focus? Do you have special promotions or contests? Do you want maximum exposure? Grab people’s attention by placing your banner in Philihappy’s home page or in all sections of the website. I also do personalized banner ad package to match your marketing goals. Hire me at Philiagency. I can be your digital marketing hero!


The best-looking banner ads won’t help you a bit if they do not engage users. Make sure that you add dimension to your attention-grabbing design by incorporating a clear call-to-action.

Viewers must be able to click on something that will then lead them to a landing page or target page where they can learn more about your brand or promotion.



Don’t have a banner ad or a landing page for your campaign yet? I’m a design geek too! Hire me at Philiagency so I can help you create design-trendy banners and pages!


When you purchase my 90-day package, you are entitled to receiving a report on the performance of your banner ad.

This can be a valuable input in measuring the success of your overall marketing campaign and guide you in planning your future strategies.

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