Pinoy Online Novels Turned Movies
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From Screen To Screen: Pinoy Online Novels Turned Into Movies

We’ve said this once and we’ll say it again: the internet is a powerful platform to show your work. For journalists and authors alike, the internet has made it so much easier publishing your written work. Through blogs, online magazines, forums, and websites such as, DeviantART, and Wattpad, more and more people are inclined to share stories that will make us laugh, cry, and blush. Get to know five of the Pinoy online novels that were turned into movies!

1Diary ng Panget

The story of Diary ng Panget was first published on Wattpad by a user known as HaveYouSeenThisGirl (eventually known as Denny R.). The premise of Diary ng Panget is about a poor and plain-looking girl named Eya who meets a rich, handsome, snobby guy named Cross. Their paths cross (no pun intended) after Eya gets hired by Cross’ father to be his personal maid.

Due to Diary ng Panget’s success, it became one of the first Pinoy online novels that was eventually published as a four-volume book series in 2013 by PSICOM Publishing (now known as VIVA-PSICOM Publishing). In 2014, Diary ng Panget was adapted into a movie which starred Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Andre Paras, and Yassi Pressman as the main characters Eya, Cross, Chad, and Lory, respectively. The movie adaptation was one of the biggest movies of 2014, and launched the reel and real-life partnership between James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

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2She’s Dating The Gangster

She’s Dating The Gangster was first posted by Bianca Bernardino with the pen name SGwannabe in’s TeenTalk forum back in early 2007. Eventually, Bernardino posted the story on Wattpad in 2011, and the novel’s popularity exploded. In 2013, Summit Books released the novel under their Pop Fiction imprint. Since the book’s first release, two more editions have been printed, with the latest edition as a tie-in to the movie adaptation in 2014.

She’s Dating The Gangster is the story of Kenji, a gangster who wanted to get back at his ex-girlfriend Athena by using another girl to make her jealous. He then approaches a girl whose name is also Athena, and they eventually enter an agreement that they will become a fake couple. Things go well until they start developing real feelings for each other.

She’s Dating The Gangster was adapted into a movie in 2014, which starred Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The film adaptation is also notable for its ’90s setting, as well as the special appearances of Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez.

3Vince and Kath

Moving from one social platform to another, Vince and Kath was first published on a Facebook page called “Life and Social Media” in January 2016. Written by Jenny Ruth Almocera, the story of Vince and Kath was conceived after she read old text messages on her mobile phone. She then developed the story through the use of Yazzy, a mobile app that allows its users to create fake conversations.

The story of Vince and Kath revolves around Vince, a young man who bravely admitted his feelings for his crush Kath through text. Over time, their relationship blossomed from mere text/chatmates to a real-life couple. Over the course of the story, the pair had to go through numerous life-changing challenges that will test their love for one another. Compared to traditional online novels, the story of Vince and Kath was mostly presented in a series of SMS and chat screenshots, accompanied by some narrations.

Ever since Vince and Kath was published, its popularity spread like wildfire on various social media sites. This is one of the few Pinoy online novels that also caught the attention of television shows such as GMA News TV’s iJuander and ABS-CBN’s Rated K. The book version of Vince and Kath was released by ABS-CBN Publishing in May 2016. A movie adaptation titled Vince and Kath and James is currently in the works, with Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, and Ronnie Alonte as the titular characters, respectively. We’re excited to see how it’s going to bring the kilig and the feels!

4The Bet (Just The Way You Are)

Just like Diary ng Panget, The Bet was first released on Wattpad. Written by Kimberly Joy Villanueva (aka ilurvbooks), this followed the path of other Pinoy online novels and was eventually adapted into a book by Summit Books’ Pop Fiction imprint in 2013.

The story of The Bet revolves around Drake. Drake is a popular boy who never lost a bet to his best friend, Andre. One day, the inevitable happens: he loses a bet to Andre. As a punishment, Andre challenges him to a bet where he makes a girl fall for him. Sophia, on the other hand, is a girl that is outside of Drake’s usual type. This makes her the perfect pawn in Drake and Andre’s game. As Sophia and Drake play the game, they discover things about one another. This will make Drake think that Sophia might be more than he expected her to be.

The Bet was adapted into a movie in 2015, with the title, Just The Way You Are. The movie adaptation starred Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano as Drake and Sophia, respectively.

5Talk Back and You’re Dead

Written by Alesana Marie in 2010 and first published on Wattpad back in 2011, Talk Back and You’re Dead is about a responsible and high-achieving student named Sam Perez. Sam suddenly finds herself in a relationship with a gang leader named Timothy Odelle Pendleton, or Top for short.

Talk Back and You’re Dead was then adapted into in a book in 2013 by PSICOM Publishing. A movie adaptation was released in 2014, with Nadine Lustre, James Reid, and Joseph Marco as Sam, Top, and Jared, respectively.

Among all these Pinoy online novels (turned movies!), which one is your favorite? Are you also excited for the Vince and Kath and James movie? Sound off and share your thoughts with us!

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