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5 Pinoy YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To Now

YouTube has become a space for creating awesome content. Whatever your interests are, there is surely a channel online that can keep you hooked, video after video. Even now, there are so many Pinoy YouTubers finding their own niche and making videos about things they are passionate about, whether it’s lifestyle, beauty, cooking, or sports!

Apart from the always awesome beauty-focused vloggers, refresh your subscriber list with these Pinoy YouTubers whose antics will keep you hitting play.

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1Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovich became a social media star when his video, “Pudra and Kyota: Foreigners Speak Salitang Beki” became a viral hit on YouTube. His YouTube channel documents his life in the Philippines. Here, he films his journey to get to know the Pinoy culture better through travel and humor. Since then, he has become one of the most popular YouTube personalities in the Philippines, with over 200,000 subscribers and counting. His sister, Haley is also a YouTube vlogger!

2Allan Soriano (AC’s Life)

Allan Soriano is more popularly known as Ate Charon to his viewers and fans. He is one of the fastest-rising YouTube and social media personalities in the Philippines due to his sense of humor, honesty, and love for pop culture. His channel features weekly vlogs, along with segments such as Wit Ko Note and Verum AC. Wit Ko Note shows him singing popular hits while figuring out their lyrics, while Verum AC is a roundup of all things mysterious and scary!

3Lloyd Cafe Cadena

Lloyd Cafe Cadena is undoubtedly one of the Philippines’ biggest YouTube stars and social media personalities. With over 400,000 YouTube subscribers and 3.8 million Facebook followers, his memes and videos on random life hugots, pop culture parodies, and life lessons have hit a chord with many people. He is also an author, having released three books. You will definitely learn a lot from his videos when it comes to dealing with random hanash, whether you’re dealing with fake friends or taking exams in school.

4Arabella (That’s Bella)

Arabella of That’s Bella is known for her teen/tween-friendly content on fashion and lifestyle. She also posts vlogs featuring Q&As with some of the Philippines’ biggest stars, such as James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla, and more!

5Pamela Swing

Pamela Swing’s videos are a healthy mix of fashion, dance, and lifestyle. Her videos are injected with a lot of humor, and many will relate to her love for Jadine, and her tips for shopping in style while saving money! Did we mention that her style is very on point, too?

It is no surprise that the Pinoy YouTubers community is thriving, and these personalities have proven it! Go subscribe to them if you want laughs, discoveries, tips, and more. Of course, while you’re at it, also subscribe to Philihappy’s YouTube channel, where we post more stuff about the Philippine culture.

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