Polarity Physiotherapy Center

Polarity Physiotherapy Center: When Rest Isn’t Enough

The five day work week takes its toll on the human body, from sitting all day at the desk to no-sleep fieldworks. Everyone looks forward to the weekend for ample rest to give our weary bodies a break.

In many cases, however, such as in my case, there are lingering body pains or aches that occur week-in and week-out that simply will not go away after a good night’s rest or two.

At that point, we’d have to go to a spa or to a massage parlor to get momentary relief but when the pain and discomfort persist we’d have to take medication, whether muscle relaxants or pain relievers, which is less than ideal, to say the least.

The truth is, there is a scientific way to see why these pains, aches, and discomfort happen, and this is where physiotherapy comes in.

Physiotherapy basics

Physiotherapy deals with treating muscle and tissue to ease physical conditions, pain, and dysfunction for graver circumstances. Not limited to physical therapy or physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy may offer a new solution to problems such as arthritis, body pains, migraines and scoliosis among others.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center

Physiotherapists treat pain, even injuries, through manual physical means such as applying pressure to certain body parts to release tension, massaging key areas to loosen tightness or introducing exercises to strengthen muscles. To ensure quality and standard of service, Polarity employs physiotherapists who are licensed and have a minimum of 5 years education supplemented by training with Polarity’s lead physiotherapist.

Examination and procedure

Due in part to my daily work, which requires me to sit for prolonged hours, I usually experience back and neck aches on a daily basis. After a posture examination performed by my physiotherapist Luis, he explained to me that my lower back has so much tightness due to my pelvis being slightly tilted forward. In scientific terms, it is called an anterior pelvic tilt. In my case, it is nothing serious and a long-term solution, according to him, was for me to strengthen my core muscles.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center

To relieve the constant aching I was experiencing, I received a myofascial release–a hands-on manipulation of tissues and muscles with certain techniques to eliminate tightness, tension and restore circulation of blood. It sounds worse than it is. Simply put, myofascial release is done through the application of pressure to the affected area using only manual means, such as the use of hands and elbows.

Physiotherapy results

My therapy lasted for about an hour, which Luis told me was the usual duration, with me feeling the immediate effects of my muscles loosening and the tightness gone.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center

In addition to a great service and excellent, qualified and young physiotherapists, Polarity boasts of the privacy and comfort their center provides. It honestly felt more like a home rather than a medical facility which is purposely done to help relax and feel comfortable.

In my honest opinion, physiotherapy might just be the treatment you need to overcome your long bout with pain and discomfort.

If you ask why, my answer is simple. It worked for me.


Polarity Physiotherapy Center is located at 47 Examiner St. Brgy. West Triangle, Quezon City. Contact them at (+632) 7992700 to book a session. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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