11 Quezon Province Beaches You Should Know About

Stepping into the Philippines is like spinning the wheel of fortune. You’ll never know what to expect. One moment you’re trapped in the city, then a few hours later, you’re landing in paradise. These breathtaking escapades can be quite far away from the city. Surprisingly, they’re worth the travel especially if they’re unspoiled and in their most natural form. You might even want to make one of these Quezon province beaches your new sanctuary away from the city.

Aside from the famous Pahiyas festival and tasty longganisa found in Lucban, Quezon has been dubbed as “the coconut capital of the Philippines”. If you’re not crazy about coconuts, Quezon is home to 400-year old churches, historical treasures, and even a forest park. The best time to go here is anytime from March to June (summer, of course!) and November to February (cooler months).

1Alibijaban Island

quezon province beaches
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Considered to be one of the farthest Quezon province beaches, head on to a little town called San Andres. Getting there means an almost nine-hour road trip then another 30-minute boat ride. Don’t worry, your hard efforts aren’t wasted. Your view does not only consist of a white sand beach but beautiful mangroves as well. Go survivor style by bringing the essentials and pitching a tent to sleep under the stars!

2Binumbunan Island

quezon province beaches
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Belonging to the Polilio group of islands, this teardrop-shaped island is the perfect place to do some emoting or catch up on some reading. Why? It’s because no one is there to disturb you since there’s not a single tourist in sight. Nearby locals from surrounding islands refer to it as Burger Island.

3Borawan Beach

quezon province beaches
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In Padre Burgos, Borawan combines the white sands of “Bora”-cay and scenic landscapes found in Pala-”wan”. The sand may not be as fine a powder like Boracay’s and have a grainy texture mixed with pieces of coral. There’s no better way to enjoy the beach than camping because there aren’t any nearby accommodations.

4Cagbalete Island

quezon province beaches
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Over at Mauban, experience rippled effect sand formations during low tide. During this time, it also reveals Yang-In sandbar. Out of all Quezon province beaches, you can experience other activities like hiking and horseback riding here. As for accommodations, you can choose to stay at a nearby resort or set up your own tent.

5Dampalitan Island

quezon province beaches
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You’ll find paradise in Padre Burgos where you’ll be welcomed by a wide stretch of creamy white sands. Aside from the glassy waters, abundant greenery surrounds you giving you that feeling of exclusivity with nature. Resorts are available if you want to stay overnight. However, most people prefer camping (just for a minimal fee) to catch the fleeting sunset.

6Kabila Beach

quezon province beaches
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After rock climbing in Atimonan, play with fishes in the waters of Alabat Island or go hiking in its mountains. Kabila Beach gives you the best view of rock formations in the Pacific Ocean. Some parts of the island are covered in beige-colored sand while the other consists of smooth and rounded pebbles. Camping is a perfect option if you plan on visiting a beautiful paradise like this one in Quezon.

7Kanaway Beach

quezon province beaches
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Situated on the eastern part of Jomalig Island, people visit Kanaway also to witness the rippled sand phenomenon. Like Cagbalete, they are visible only during low tide. Seize this rare chance to walk over to Pulo and Manlanat, which are nearby islets. Its shallow waters are perfect for swimming and bumming around. Prepare for a long traveling time that includes a boat transfer that takes place in the middle of the ocean!

8Minasawa Island

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If you’re a nature enthusiast, try bird watching and nature photography at Minasawa Island. Shutterbugs can go crazy because there are plenty of beautiful species to ogle at over here. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a few turtles during mating season. Situated on Burdeos, if a beach nearby a forest appeals to you, then Minasawa Island is the place!

9Puting Buhangin

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Don’t plan on doing anything? Bum around on a 70-meter long stretch of pure paradise. Puting Buhangin, translated to “White Sand”, has (naturally) bleached white sand accompanied by clear waters. It’s also referred to Kwebang Lampas by the locals. Check out the underwater cave that’s accessible by swimming (high tide) or wading (low tide). You’re extremely lucky if you have the rare chance to hog this entire paradise for yourself.


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Up for some waves? No problem. Grab a surfboard and test your skills of balance in Real’s waters. Only three hours away from Manila, you’ll enjoy surfing and taking fabulous selfies at Tignoan Beach. Unfortunately, its sands are not as white as other beaches found here. However, if you came to catch those waves, then this is the place for you.

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11Salibungot Beach

quezon province beaches
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Is chasing after pink sunsets on your bucket list? Make a pit stop at Salibungot Beach. The hue emerges when the last few orange rays of the sun hit the dotted red sand particles. During low tide, spot the hidden sandbar on this part of Jomalig Island. Instead of your natural coconut or palm trees, Salibungot Beach is lined with native agoho trees. They’re similar to pine trees, like the ones found in Zambales. For those who are seeking somewhere quiet to relax, all your worries will disappear here.


These beaches in the Philippines are probably exactly like your dreams! All of these tropical destinations can be visited in a matter of time. Not only are they accessible and affordable, there are so many to choose from! These Quezon province beaches are best-kept secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Include them in your bucket list before they become commercialized. After all, now’s the perfect time to hit the beach not everyone has been to. Safe travels, everyone!

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