QUIZ: What’s your drinking personality?

Do you know what kind of Z-lennial you are? Many people like to stereotype the Gen Z – they are too impulsive, it’s said, too demanding, or too technologically advanced. But we know the real deal: that we’re as varied as the drinks we like to enjoy.

Take the quiz below to find out what kind of drink best suits your personality. Do you think you’ll know which one you will get? Share your results with your friends and have them try it too!

Don’t forget to GINjoy your results with the new The BaR Premium Gin! Its high-quality colored gin variants pair perfectly with your mixer of choice. When it comes to having a chill drink to go with having a great time, we know that this is the gin for the new GINeration. Best of all, they’re super affordable and readily available at 7-Eleven and at Boozy.ph.

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