romantic churches in the philippines
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12 Romantic Churches In The Philippines You Should Visit Soon

Being a dominantly Catholic country, churches are usual edifices that we see in our cities and provinces. Many of them have seen years and years’ worth of stories. As most of them are breathtakingly beautiful, some are well-considered romantic churches in the Philippines.

Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful, most romantic churches in the Philippines. For those of you who want to see more of the material culture of the Philippines, these churches should definitely be a feast for the eyes. Also, for those of you who might want to consider tying the knot in a beautiful place, look no further, we got you covered!

1Manila Cathedral (Intramuros, Manila)

romantic churches in the philippines
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Formally, this Catholic edifice is the Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. To most, though, it is known to be the Manila Cathedral—the most significant church in the country having earned the title of a Basilica by virtue of a Papal decree issued by Pope John Paul II.

While the structure itself has been rebuilt and renovated several times over hundreds of years, the existing and newly renovated church boasts of architecture as grand as its history. Plus, the interiors are undoubtedly elegant and timeless.

The basilica does tours upon request.

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2San Agustin Church (Intramuros, Manila)

romantic churches in the philippines
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Immaculate Conception Parish Church of San Agustin, or more commonly known as San Agustin Church, is situated in Intramuros, which is one of the most historic areas in the Philippines. That alone sets the mood for the church—deeply historical and nostalgic.

San Agustin Church is the oldest existing masonry church in the Philippines, having been finished during the early 1600s after 20 years of construction. It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The church exhibits Baroque architecture giving the church a sense of wonder and grandeur. Its interior is intricately designed as if instantly transporting its visitors to a fairy tale. This makes the San Agustin Church undoubtedly one of the most romantic churches in the Philippines.

3San Sebastian (Quiapo, Manila)

romantic churches in the philippines
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The Basilica Menor de San Sebastian, simply known as San Sebastian Church, is among the unique churches in the world. What makes it stand out is that the church is completely steel. Most noteworthy is that one of the minds behind the church’s construction is none other than Gustave Eiffel. He’s the same engineer who made the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Amazing!

The grandeur of this structure is characterized by tower steel vaulted ceilings you wouldn’t see anywhere else. It is hauntingly beautiful. However, due to the corrosion of the steel used in the construction, the church is under structural threat. But luckily, there’s an organization who has been working for years to preserve this beautiful edifice.

If you wish to tour the church and help with the conservation of San Sebastian, you may visit their Facebook.

4Caleruega Church (Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas)

romantic churches in the philippines
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Caleruega isn’t foreign to tourists in the country. Named after a town in Spain, Caleruega is a haven for spirituality and nature. It has chapels and retreat centers all over the property. Also, much of the area is covered with lush, peaceful gardens.

Atop a hill is the famous Caleruega Church, a quaint structure famous to couples tying the knot. The landscape that surrounds the church is breathtaking, and the rustic design of the church itself is charming. If you plan on heading here, the imagery of the place is probably the most romantic you will ever encounter in the Philippines.

5Basilica of St. Martin de Tours (Taal, Batangas)

romantic churches in the philippines
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This basilica has had its fair share of misfortunes caused by destruction, also resulting in the relocation of its earlier churches. The present church, however, is the most notable reconstruction of the basilica. Particularly relevant is the fact that it’s the largest church in the Philippines and Asia.

The interiors boast of high ceiling donned with low relief sculptures. The pulpit is crowned with an extensively high dome intricately designed. These qualities make it one of the most romantic churches in the Philippines that will leave you in awe.

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6Daraga Church (Daraga, Albay)

romantic churches in the philippines
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This beautiful Baroque church may be a little far-off from Manila but is definitely worth the travel. Daraga Church is considered a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. Unique to its own, the church comprises of volcanic rocks and its built boasts of the Baroque movement of architecture.

What makes Daraga Church more awe-inspiring is the landscape that embraces it. Right outside the church, given that the clouds don’t get in the way, is where you can take in a beautiful view of the Mayon Volcano.

7Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral (Cebu City)

romantic churches in the philippines
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The parish of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral was established around the 1800s. However, the church faced several misfortunes even before it was built due to natural calamities.

The strength of the parish remained unfazed, resulting in what is now a living monument. The facade of the church showcases typical Spanish colonial architecture. Upon entering, you will experience opulence and calmness all at once. Many weddings take place here, making it one of the most romantic churches in the Philippines.

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8Miagao Church (Miagao, Iloilo)

romantic churches in the philippines
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This church was established in the 1700s. Along with the San Agustin Church and Santa Maria Church, Miagao Church in Iloilo is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Already a feast for the eyes, you might have your eyes glued on its structure alone. Characterized by a massive relief sculpture of Catholic idols and notes of local cultural elements, the church blends together cultural nationalism and spirituality. Also, the interiors of Miagao church define calmness in its simplicity like no other, therefore allowing one to find wonder and peace.

9Tukon Chapel (Basco, Batanes)

romantic churches in the philippines
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Batanes is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the Philippines. Finding an oasis of solace and spirituality in a place like that is definitely a gift you don’t often find. Furthermore, the Tukon Chapel is a product of its location and the efforts of the prominent Abad family. The community members also contributed in building this church so they wouldn’t have to travel kilometers away just to get there.

This humble chapel is patterned after the design of traditional Ivatan houses. Surrounded by the Batanes landscape, it stands by boulders bound together that create its walls.

10Betis Church (Guagua, Pampanga)

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Pampanga is known for its historical structures in different scales among many other things. They have preserved several of their beautiful churches and remarkable colonial houses. One of these few structures is the St. James the Apostle Parish Church, more commonly known as Betis Church in Guagua, Pampanga.

Early on, light materials became the foundation of the church. But after some tragedy over the years, the church has had to go through rebuilding. As a result, it’s much grander today! Most noteworthy are Betis Church’s interiors. It’s almost as if you’re in an actual painting when you’re inside the church because of the walls showcasing murals of intricate detail and the ceiling exemplified by frescos.

Pampanga is home to many more historic landmarks. Take a day to explore history and culture in one of the most famous provinces in the Philippines.

11Santa Maria Church (Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur)

romantic churches in the philippines
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The Santa Maria Church can boast of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site besides it being one of the most romantic churches in the Philippines. Seeing as it holds as much history as it does architectural value.

Designed to be one of the Baroque Churches in the Philippines, the Santa Maria Church was made with brick and mortar. The church, situated atop a hill, attracts more tourists—Catholics and non-Catholics alike. With its sense of peace and quiet, the place becomes even more romantic.

12Liliw Church (Liliw, Laguna)

romantic churches in the philippines
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The formal name is St. John the Baptist Cathedral, but most call it the Liliw Church. The town of Liliw takes pride in this cathedral—standing tall and proud with its massive brick walls. Although the facade may look quite overwhelming, this is actually one of the most heartwarming places to be in.

You transport into another world once you enter the Liliw Church. It’s either the thickness of the walls or simply the spirituality that surrounds it. Somehow yet, the church cancels the noise from outside. An almost certain peacefulness envelopes you once you are inside the cathedral. And at daytime, the stained glass windows filter the light, making the sun the only source of light for the interiors. Liliw Church is a serene haven, so serene you can hear your own heartbeat while you’re inside it.

These are just a few of the most beautiful and romantic churches in the Philippines. Would you like to get married in one of them? OK, maybe that’s too far ahead, perhaps you could just visit them at your leisure. Either way, we can assure you that you’ll fall in love… with the architecture at least.

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