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Sablayan Zipline: Mindoro’s Hidden Adventure Camp

Chances are if you hear of Mindoro, you’ll immediately think of the popular beach Puerto Galera on the east side Oriental Mindoro. But the west side Occidental Mindoro is not any less of a destination because of its fame to divers.

Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro is best known for the Apo Reef National Park, only the second largest atoll-like coral reef in the world. Seldom do people go to Sablayan for other reasons than diving, but I’m part of those who went for other reasons. I went to Sablayan not for the water activities, but for the wall climbing, rappelling, and zip lining on top of a hill. Let me show you the Sablayan Zipline Adventure.

sablayan zipline south pandan island

Perfect for Adrenaline Junkies

Sablayan Zipline Adventure is not as well known as the Apo Reef National Park, but it is locally famous. Some of the high schools in the town extend its Physical Education classes to the towers of the adventure camp in the form of rappelling and wall climbing. While most of the weekdays are for the students, families flock the adventure camp on weekends. I happened to visit the place on a weekday, and I was their only visitor then. Lucky me.

sablayan wall climbing

I tried both the rappelling and wall climbing, and passed the former but failed the latter. I proved that indeed, acting together with gravity is a lot easier than working against it.

sablayan rappelling

Unfortunately, the zip line was not working when I was there because the management was procuring better cables for its visitors. I was a little bit sad because I did not have the chance to try the world’s longest island-to-island zip line. The zip line takes the rider from the top of the hill across the sea to the South Pandan island. A boatman waits on the shore of the island to take you back to mainland Sablayan. Lucky for you readers, the world’s longest island-to-island zip line is now once again operational, and with better cables!

Instead, let me share with you a video on the fun that awaits you in Sablayan.

Sablayan Zipline is open daily. Below are the necessary entrance fees if you wish to zip line.

  • Local & Foreign Tourist/Adult (18 years old & above) PHP 500 each/tour
  • Sablayeno/Adult (18 years old & above) PHO 300 each/tour
  • Minors (12-17 years old) PHP 300 each/tour
  • Children (5-11 years old) PHP 150 each/tour

The bangka service going back is PHP 30. Wall climbing and rappelling cost PHP 50 each.

How to Get to Sablayan Zipline Adventure

You can take an 8-hour bus trip directly to Sablayan for PHP 800.

Another route is by a 3-hour bus ride to Batangas port (PHP 150) and a 1-hour ferry boat ride to Puerto Galera (PHP 270 if you’re not traveling with a vehicle). For people traveling with vehicles and to verify boat schedules, please contact Montenegro shipping lines at (+6343) 7236980 or (+6343) 7238294.

From Puerto Galera, you can take the west route: 10 a.m. 1-hour boat ride to Abra de Ilog (PHP 200), then 1-hour tricycle ride to Mambajao (PHP 50), and finally 2-hour van ride to Sablayan (PHP 150). The east route will be a 4-hour bus or van ride going to the east coast and around the island. I would suggest the west route going to the adventure camp and Apo Reef if you want to enjoy the seascapes and other sites along the way.

On the way home, I recommend the trip that goes straight to Manila for a convenient and relaxing transit after a tiring trip. There are vans that ply the direct route, and this will cost you around PHP 900+.

Puerto Galera for a Side-Trip

I had too much fun in Puerto Galera that I forgot to take the 10 a.m. ride to Abra de Ilog. Luckily, I found a fisherman’s boat going to Abra de Ilog for the same price. It departed at around 4:00 p.m., so I stayed for a night at a hostel in Abra de Ilog for PHP 400, before going to Sablayan the day after.

One of the safest, most enjoyable trip I’ve had (while going solo) is this journey to Sablayan. The major thoroughfares aren’t complicated and the fares are cheap. I loved my time there, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same, too.

Have you been to Sablayan Zipline Adventure? How was it? Are there other zip line spots you want me to try? Let me know through the comments section below.


For information on Sablayan Zipline Adventure, visit the town’s official Facebook page. Email the Sablayan tourism office at Contact them at their landline: (+6343) 4580028. 

Jewel’s Place is the hostel I stayed at in Abra de Ilog. Contact Mrs. Ramos at (+63) 908 8125822.

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