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Samboan Cebu: A Waterfall-Hopping Kind Of Adventure

The rustic southern Cebu municipality of Samboan is richly endowed with historical and cultural attractions. But for adventure-seekers and weekend warriors, Samboan is known for its collection of waterfalls, each with a unique mystic beauty that is second to none.

Visit all of these amazing waterfalls to cool off this summer in a different way.

1Aguinid Falls

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Let’s call her the queen of Samboan waterfalls, for she is the most popular multi-tiered falls in town. Aguinid Falls can be found just a short distance away from the national highway in Barangay Tangbo. A little bit of adventurous spirit and physical prowess are required to fully enjoy this waterfall. Why? You will need to scramble and climb four levels of falls, resist the current, and trek on slippery rocks before you can reach Aguinid’s crowning glory. You will also notice that Aguinid’s water is warm and slightly milky in appearance; that’s due to the calcium sediments being slowly washed away from the force of the water.

2Da-o Falls

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At 100 feet in height, Da-o Falls, which is located in the mountain Barangay Suba, is the highest waterfall in Samboan. The majestic sheet waterfall truly captivates the imagination, but to get there is a whole adventure on its own. Guests need to trek for 30 minutes along a scenic hill, conquer slippery riverbanks, climb slick boulders, and enter through a mysterious canyon. Along the way to the towering Da-o Falls, you will see moss-covered rock walls, lush vegetation, and other wonders of nature.

3Binalayan Hidden Falls

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The third of Samboan’s waterfall trilogy is the Binalayan Hidden Falls, and its name is truly apt. You can’t see the triple-drop waterfall unless you round up a bouldery corner and come to the waterfall face to face. Binalayan Falls is beautiful, and you can hardly resist diving into the chilly water of the natural pool below the three drops. It is located at Barangay Bonbon, and getting there requires a little bit of trekking through an established trail.

4Calasa Falls

Sometimes referred to as a mini Aguinid, Calasa Falls is a recently discovered natural wonder at the heart of Barangay Colase. Hidden in an unspoilt jungle valley, this pristine, secret wonder can be reached via a 30-minute trek on slippery slopes. Calasa Falls is an example of a natural wonder that has not yet been touched by mainstream tourism.

55. Candayvic Falls

Remote and isolated in the foothills at the boundary of Samboan and Ginatilan, Candayvic Falls is not a waterfall in the truest sense of the word. Rather, it is a man-made pool just before a moss-covered ravine. It’s a great place to get the rest of the world off your mind and relax, but here’s the really cool part: the municipality of Samboan is checking if the river, which Candayvic Falls is a part of, can be a canyoning venue. If it does, Samboan will have a new activity that can draw in adventurers.

6Balay’g Sawa Falls

Roughly translated as “home of the pythons,” Balay’g Sawa is nestled in the wood-covered foothills of Barangay Poblacion. Despite its menacing name, it is a great place for family and friends to hang out. The waterfall is small, but it has a large lagoon that is perfect for swimming.

How To Get To Samboan, Cebu

To get to Samboan, ride a south-Cebu bound bus at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Look for a bus that goes to Bato via Barili, and tell the conductor to drop you off at Aguinid Falls.

Philihappy Pro Tips

  • For time and cost-efficiency, do a Samboan waterfalls trilogy (Aguinid, Da-o, and Binalayan Falls). Stop at the Aguinid Falls tourist assistance desk, and ask the guides to help you acquire a habal-habal that will take you to all three waterfalls. Transportation fare is packaged at PHP 250 per person.
  • Each waterfall requires a registration fee of PHP 20 for Filipinos and PHP 40 for foreigners. You can hire guides at any of these waterfalls.
  • To reach the lesser-known waterfalls, negotiate with habal-habal drivers as there are no fixed rates. If you are doing a Samboan waterfall trilogy, add an extra on the fare so you can visit these other waterfalls.
  • Start your Samboan waterfalls adventure as early as 7 a.m. so you can visit all waterfalls in a single day.
  • Wear the rugged footwear such as trekking shoes or sandals. The ground in all waterfalls is slippery. Don’t forget to bring sun protection as well.
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