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How To Say I Love You In Different Philippine Dialects

It’s Buwan ng Wika! This is the one month out of the year where Filipinos celebrate not only our rich culture and heritage, but also our language that makes us unique as a people.

Did you know that the Philippines has over 17 recognized languages, plus more than are not officially acknowledged? It just goes to show how each and every corner of the country has something distinct from the rest, even if it is in the language their people speak each day.

And, aside from visiting historical places around the Philippines during this month, you know what else you should do this August? Learn some of the beautiful dialects being spoken all over the country!

It’s a lot of work so why not try something simple and sweet? Like, say “I love you,” for example? Here’s how to show your love in 12 different Filipino languages.


say i love you in ivatan
Image Credit: jlgavino via Flickr


say i love you in ilocano
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say i love you in kapampangan
Image Credit: Lady May Pamintuan via Flickr


say i love you in pangasinense
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say i love you in tagalog
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say i love you in bicolano
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say i love you in waray
Image Credit: Oscar W. Rasson via Flickr

8Negros Occidental

say i love you in hiligaynon
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say i love you in kinaray-a
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say i love you in cebuano
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say i love you in maguindanaon
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12Zamboanga City

say i love you in chavacano
Image Credit: Constantine Agustin via Flickr

Aren’t Philippine dialects just beautiful to hear?

To say “I love you” is often one of the hardest things to do, simply because three words carry so much weight! Whether you say it in English, Filipino, or any of these languages, don’t forget that the most important part of expressing your love for someone is by showing it as well!

What other words and phrases would you love to be translated?

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