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Your One-Stop Siargao Travel Guide: 5 Days In The Surfing Capital

This island is gaining the attention of more and more travelers. To make traveling to this paradise less stressful for you, globe-trotter, we have fondly made the one Siargao travel guide you’ll ever need!

The Philihappy team believes that summer is a state of mind—that even in days of more rainfall, you will be able to find a beach where the beach bum in you can feel right at home. One island that you can enjoy all year round is this paradise located in southern Philippines—Siargao, more commonly known to be the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. It has been exponentially gaining the attention of thrill-seekers and beach bums alike! That’s why we found it to be the perfect time to make that one-stop Siargao travel guide just for you!

How To Get To Siargao

There are several ways in which you can travel from Manila to Siargao, each coming with their own benefits and downsides. We weighed all possibilities and chose that best possible routes, time-wise and money-wise.


Take the first plane out of Manila scheduled at around 5:00 a.m. to Butuan for one hour and a half of travel time which will cost about PHP 6,000.

Take a bus or van from Butuan to Surigao which will take two to three hours and cost around PHP 200.

Find a multicab to bring you to the pier in Surigao where you will find the ferry which will take you to Siargao for another two to three hours hours and that will cost you PHP 250.

PHILIHAPPY PRO TIP: Note that the last ferry from Surigao to Siargao departs at 12 noon, so schedule your travel hours accordingly unless you wish to stay in Butuan for a night. Earliest Surigao-Siargao ferry departs at 5:00 a.m.


Flights headed to Siargao may be costly, but if you book in advance or chance upon a seat sale, it might be just as much or even cheaper than taking a different route. The average price is at around PHP 7,000 for a roundtrip ticket to Siargao. Skyjet Airlines and Cebu Pacific offer this route. Do note, however, that all booked flights to Siargao via Cebu Pacific have Cebu layovers for a few hours.

These are other routes you may opt to choose if it is more in line with your own plans:

Manila-Surigao City-Siargao

Manila-Surigao flights via Cebu Pacific have layovers in Cebu, which means longer flight and airport times which aren’t quite optimal for traveling to Siargao.

Land travel from Cagayan De Oro or Davao

People do travel by land from these provinces to Surigao, but it should take up a quarter of your day. If you find yourself in any of these provinces, by all means, take these options.

What to do on your first day in Siargao

1. Travel to Siargao

siargao travel guide

Allow around three full days in Siargao minus travel days to get a filling bite of this paradise. Make those hours of transit all worth it for your Siargao travel guide. If you’re coming from Manila, leave at dawn. You’ll probably get to Siargao by mid-afternoon.

2. Discover Siargao

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @jayannealdanese via Instagram

Take a bite of Siargao, visit the beaches minutes away from General Luna by foot. You might even find Oscar, the resident island dog!

3. Start the Siargao food trip for dinner

siargao travel guide

It is in General Luna where you find most of the great food spots and the liveliest bars on the island. For your first night, have your dinner at Kermit’s. This place is highly applauded especially for their pizza. The place is almost always full so do come early! If Kermit is not a viable option, you can also visit Bravo within Kermit’s vicinity for some Filipino and Spanish flair!

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4. Enjoy the Siargao night life

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @arthiearthieko via Instagram

If you still wish to save the sleeping for a much later time and enjoy socialize a bit, Siargao definitely won’t fail you! Hostels like The Smiling Pig has bars serving drinks till dawn. There are also bars where you can party yourself out! We suggest you go to all of them if you can. The government made a policy for every bar to have a major evening event once a week so there’s a fair share of happenings. Rest assured, there will always be a spot where you can party, socialize and unwind!

What to do on your second day in Siargao

On your first full day for your Siargao travel guide, go on a land tour. You can rent a habal-habal or a motorbike for around PHP 300 for the whole day. If you don’t know how to ride one, you can rent a habal-habal with a driver for one full day for around PHP 1,500

1. Visit Magpupungko Rock Formation

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @joseleft1986 via Instagram

Visit the magnificent Magpupungko Rock Formations in Pilar where you will find the Magpupungko Rock Pools. These are all-natural tidal pools bound by rocks and are filled with clear turquoise waters. Make sure to ask the locals about the low tide hours before heading here. It can only be enjoyed during low tide. Entrance fee is PHP 50.

2. Road trip to Taktak Falls

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @javito.del via Instagram

This wonder is an hour and a half away from General Luna. But hear this, once you get there, you don’t have to hike anymore. Plus, the scenery you will see during the road trip is definitely priceless!

3. Grab a healthy snack at Shaka

siargao travel guide

A tiring land tour will sure get you hungry. Get on that health trip for lunch and try Kitya’s Place, a quaint restaurant along Tourism Road that serves healthy breakfast and lunch! Then go grab an extra healthy snack (could also be considered dessert) at the newly opened, Shaka!

4. Relax in Cloud 9

siargao travel guide

Cloud 9 is known for its waves. Surfers love it here, but the waves can be harsh for beginners. But this does not mean that Cloud 9 is not enjoyable for you. There’s a boardwalk and a tower where you can enjoy the scenery. Sunsets are best seen while on the boardwalk!

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5. Eat out more in Siargao

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @javito.del via Instagram

You can never go wrong with plain and simple grilled food. Mama’s Grill is where you go for that! It’s right at General Luna’s Tourism Road, situated right where pretty much everything is, so it’s not hard to find.

What to do on your third day in Siargao

1. Go island hopping with a group of friends

siargao travel guide

There are three islets within the vicinity of Siargao island, each with its own characteristic to love. An island hopping trip roughly costs PHP 750 per person. You may ask your hostel or hotel to help you out with the tours. This is a must-do on your Siargao travel guide!

Guyam Island

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @la_luna_huntress via Instagram

Guyam is an islet inhabited by no other than palm trees. Guyam means ant which suggest its size. But this tiny piece of land in the middle of clear waters is a paradise in itself.

Naked Island

siargao travel guide

Naked island as the name suggests has basically nothing on it, just vast enough space for you to breathe in nature and the sand and seas.

Daku Island

siargao travel guide

The island hopping tours include free lunch which you can enjoy in Daku Island. Daku Island has a fishfolk community residing in it. You can immerse with the locals here, too, which can make your visit a tad bit more meaningful.

2. Go surfing

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @inthemikkz via Instagram

If you still have energy and time left from the island hopping, SURF. You’re in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines after all. You can rent a board with a guide for PHP 500 an hour. Don’t leave Siargao without doing this. It’s worth it.

What to do on your fourth day in Siargao

1. Discover the beautiful Bucas Grande

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @covmaro_lubapis_jmp via Instagram

Bucas Grande is an island near the main island of Siargao and it is a whole different experience altogether. This being your ultimate Siargao travel guide, we’re pitching this idea too. You’re nearby anyway, why not head on over for a day tour to the magnificent Bucas Grande?

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @bestinthephilippines via Instagram

First off, you can ask your hotel or hostel about arranging the tours in Bucas Grande in itself. They should have contact or connections in Bucas Grande. Usual tour rates within Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove in Socorro will cost you PHP 3,500 depending on the negotiations you make. This doesn’t include yet the entrance fees you have to pay when you visit the sites. Food is also not included in the rate, but you can give your boatman a budget for the food which he will so willingly shop, cook, and prepare for you.

How to Get to Bucas Grande

You can take a ferry from Dapa, Siargao to Socorro. This trip will take more than hour. Trips are available at 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

What’s in Bucas Grande?

  1. Tiktikan Lake and Lagoon (PHP 170 Group Rate)
  2. Crystal Cave (PHP 160 Group Rate)
  3. Sohoton Cove and Jellyfish Lagoon (PHP 1,500 Group Rate)

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2. Enjoy Siargao for one last night

siargao travel guide
Image Credit: @lacarinderia via Instagram

Head back to Siargao after a day in Bucas Grande and enjoy all the bits you can on your last night. For your dinner, you can try La Carinderia for awesome Filipino and Italian comfort food!

What to do on your last day in Siargao

siargao travel guide

This day should be quite difficult to face. No vacation in Siargao will ever be a waste. Hence, leaving it will be rather difficult. But here comes a close to your Siargao travel guide.

This day will be rendered to heading back home with all the memories you gathered from your wonderful Siargao vacation.

This Siargao travel guide best fits you if you have some valuable time to spare. You can play around with it as much as you want. After all, the best way to fall in love with a place is to find your own place around it. We know that the travel bug is gonna hit you soon if not already. Now, go head on over to Siargao and fall in love with it as much as we did.

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