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9 Videos Of Solenn Heussaff That Make Us (And Nico) Love Her Even More

It Girl mainstay, Solenn Heusaff-Bolzico is celebrating her birthday today! This French-Filipina actress, model, and endorser has caught the hearts of many Filipinos not because of her looks and shape, but rather for her fun and kind personality. As she celebrates her 32nd birthday, we compiled some of her funniest moments caught by none other than her equally cool and hot husband, Nico.

1Hips don’t lie! We bet Nico doesn’t mind waking up to this every single day, right?

We hope our favorite gal, Solenn Heussaff, got up today and started her morning dancing like this.

2Cooking naked for no reason? Why not!

If it’s going to be cooking on her YouTube page, can they just like never wear clothes? Solenn Heussaff = body goals.

3Never wake up a sleeping Solenn just like that. Keep that in mind, Nico.

How to wake up WifeZilla version 1 point oh! #wifezillaseries

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Any girl shouldn’t be woken up like this! We hope Solenn got her beauty rest for her birthday!

5Going back with Nico’s #wifezilla can never be dangerous as this. Moral lesson: Never surprise Solenn while cooking!

Solenn Heussaff makes an amazing wife…just don’t push her buttons.

6Would you ever do this to your wife or girlfriend, as well?

This one’s really funny, but not for Solenn, though. You, naughty Nico, you!

Solenn doing Nico’s makeup couldn’t get funnier than this. #relationshipgoals

She’s now got a YouTube page and we’re expecting even more hilarious and helpful videos from our crush!

7When Solenn Heussaff made a music video for their first year wedding anniversary

And absolutely slayed it. Seriously, Solenn should consider another career path in dancing.

8When she kicked some serious ass…as she usually does

Solenn Heussaff finally gets her revenge! Wouldn’t want to be Nico here, yikes.

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Happy birthday, Solenn! May we see more #wifezillaseries videos in the coming days. Also, don’t forget to check out and her YouTube page for more crazy moments of this hot chick!

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