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Meet The Stars Attending This Year’s History Con Philippines

History Con Philippines is one of the most awaited events of the year. Sure, there will be competitions. Yes, there will be games. But we all know that what we look forward to the most is seeing our favorite celebs from our beloved TV shows in the flesh! Meet the stars that are attending this year’s History Con 2017!

1Takeru Kobayashi

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Takeru is a competitive eater from the land of the rising sun. Currently, he holds eight Guinness Records! Want to know what exactly he’s been able to stuff down? 110 hotdogs in ten minutes, 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute, 337 buffalo wings in 30 minutes, 93 hamburgers in eight minutes, 62 slices of pizza in 12 minutes and the list goes on! Phew! Can’t wait to see if he’ll break his record this year!

2Rick Harrison

history con philippines
Image Credit: Rick Harrison’s Gold & Silver Pawn via Facebook

The star of the Vegas-based pawn shop and reality show, Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison is the brains behind the most watched program on the History Channel. Besides the lady next on this list, we suppose Rick will be getting most of the attention. He’s a slick businessman with a net worth of five million dollars, and that’s all thanks to his World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

3Jaime Dempsey

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She’s your hardcore motorcycling chick who’s been around Asia, including the Philippines to host the hit series Ride N’ Seek. Jaime Dempsey will ride any motor to any point and do about any dare. Think, No Reservations meets Fear Factor. She’s also one of the founders of women’s motorcycle clothing company ATWYLD. Jaime will be judging the motorcycle competition, so bikers get ready!

4Simon Yin

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Image Credit: Simon Yin via Facebook

Another daredevil of stars you’ll be seeing at History Con Philippines is this actor, director, and TV host. He’s the face of Hidden Cities Extreme that explores very rural cities and their activities, like drinking cow pee. Yup. You read that right. Even if he wasn’t born in Asia, Simon Yin enjoys connecting to his Oriental roots and seeing how people live daily—extremely—on the other side.

5Justin Mott

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Photographers will love this guy for his work and for bagging the prestigious title of Travel Photographer of the Year. Justin Mott is a photojournalist who having been inspired by a photo book, moved to Hanoi and now contributes to The New York Times for topics throughout Southeast Asia. He hosts the reality TV show, Photo Face-Off on the History Channel where he competes against and judges amateur photographers.

6Danielle Colby

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Hold on boys, Danielle Colby is coming to town in a roller derby fashion! Known for her daring looks and dance moves, she co-stars on the reality show American Pickers. Danielle runs the office of Antique Archaeology, a business of collecting antique items for clients or for personal interests.

7Adam Liaw

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MasterChef Australia Season 2 grand winner, Adam Liaw is of Malaysian and Chinese descent making him of course, relatable to our shores. He’s written many cookbooks such as Asian After Work and Asian Cookery School (obviously, we know what cuisine he masters in) and stars on food TV show Destination Flavour in Japan, Australia, and Singapore. Adam will also be hosting the Home and Living Fair at History Con Philippines along with these next two guys!

8Zack Giffin

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There are definitely people in the world who live the opposite of normal lives and one of those is Zack Giffin. A free skier and tiny-house booster, he also hosts new series Tiny House Nation which chronicles families who… well, live in tiny houses.

9John Weisbarth

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John is another believer that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Partner to tiny house expert Zack Giffin, John Weisbarth also helps people build their mini dream homes and prepares them for extreme downsizing.

10Jordan Kilganon

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Jordan Kilganon, aka the dude who dunked in jeans, is number one, Canadian, and number two, a professional dunker. Yes, that’s a thing. He went viral on Youtube for dunking a “scorpion dunk” in jeans during the 2016 NBA All-Star Games. His 50-inch vertical jump allows him to perform though he’s just 6’1″. We can’t wait to see him dunk a fat one at History Con Philippines 2017!

11Horny Mike

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Star of the show Counting Cars on History Channel, Horny Mike is an airbrush artist who got his nickname from putting 3D horns on vehicles to helmets (including his own) and clothing. If you’re a fan of Pawn Stars, this show is its third spinoff!

12Ryu Lim

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One of our very own, Ryu Lim is a Filipino bladesmith who competes in History Channel’s series, Forged in Fire. His weapon mastery actually started in a small village here in the Philippines where he forged his first sword at ten years old. But after relocating to the US, he started selling his work on social media and has continued to learn and hone his craft ever since.

13Barry Wilmore

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Have you ever met an astronaut? Well, you’re about to. Barry Wilmore is from NASA and not only that, he piloted the Space Shuttle Atlantis for a mission to the International Space Station. He’s been in space, twice! Learn more about him and his space adventures at History Con Philippines 2017!

14Ambeth Ocampohistory con 2017

Three of our very own celebrities are participating in this year’s History Con Philippines. Ambeth Ocampo is known to be a Filipino historian academic, journalist, and maybe your teacher at one point in time. He’s best known for his writings on national hero Jose Rizal, and we hear this History Con 2017 he’ll be talking about “Marco’s Diary.” Ambeth now serves as the Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

15Gaby dela Merced and Phoemela Baranda

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Gaby dela Merced rose to fame for being one of the few Filipinas to dominate the Asian Formula 3 circuit. Besides being a race car driver, she’s dipped her toes in showbiz through modeling and hosting. She’ll be joining professional motor racing experts, Malaysia’s Alex Yoong and Michele Bumgarner, as the three of them return to mentor on Celebrity Car Wars. We know this feisty chick is going to impart some serious tricks of the trade to the new contestants competing.

Phoemela Baranda is a top model who has also ventured into TV through hosting popular shows like Extra Challenge and The Buzz. She’ll be joining other Asian stars in the second season of Celebrity Car Wars, which is shooting on-location in various parts of the Philippines. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous gal in what’s going to be an exciting race.

Can’t wait to meet your favorite stars at History Con Philippines? Neither can we! Prepare your phones for selfies and notebooks for autographs! It’s happening this August 10–13, 2017 at the World Trade Center. Get your tickets now! 

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