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Subo Restaurant Boracay: Authentic Filipino Cuisine And Dining Experience

One thing that you definitely want while on vacation is a gastronomic experience. Sure, you can get by on fast food even while in Boracay, but nothing compares to the flavors of the sea, both on the beach and on the plate! With such a vibrant gastronomic scene, one shouldn’t miss the many restaurants Boracay has to offer—just like Subo Restaurant Boracay.

Authentic Interiors

Boracay Subo Restaurant

From the moment you enter Subo Restaurant in Boracay, you know that you’re getting a real, amazing experience. Their interiors are authentic, traditional Filipino.

As you enter, a lady in full on Filipiniana attire will greet you and ask you to remove your footwear by the entrance This is a classic Filipino gesture as a sign of respect to the host or homeowner. It instantly makes you realize that the experience this restaurant will offer you is more than just the food they serve.

According to owner Chef Jian Sacdalan, Subo Restaurant in Boracay is built to resemble a 1905 house in the Philippines. “My dad is a collector of 1905 pieces, so now they’re all here in the restaurant and you (our diners) get to use them,” he shares.

Amazing Appetizers

Boracay Subo Restaunt Paksiw Pata

To start with, we had Paksiw Pata Croquettas, Kinilaw sa Gata, and Buko Puso Salad. The croquettas were a medley of flavors—sweet because of the pineapple and sour-spicy because of the red cabbage. The combination tastes a bit like pulled pork, but with a whole lot more flavor.

Boracay Subo Restaurant Kinilaw

The kinilaw was not your typical sour mix. We loved that we could clearly taste the gata—not to mention the beautiful presentation of this well-loved dish. No wonder it’s such a hit!

Boracay Subo Restaurant Buko Puso Salad

Chef Jian specially prepared the salad in front of us. It was again a medley of interesting flavors that really worked. Who would have thought of putting coconut meat and tapa into one salad?

Hefty Mains

Boracay Subo Restaurant Kare Kare

You definitely get bang for your buck with the mains at Subo Restaurant in Boracay. The Beef Kare-Kare, or a peanut-based Filipino curry, was lovely and can complete any full meal. It can easily be shared by two to three people.

Boracay Subo Restaurant Chicken

The other dish we loved the most was their Paro Paro, which means a butterfly method of cooking. This was our favorite. The sweet sauce, the peanuts, and the juicy chicken meat made for a great meal. You will keep coming back to Subo Restaurant in Boracay just for this.

Desserts and Drinks

Boracay Subo Restaurant Leche Flan

Your meal at Subo Restaurant Boracay won’t be complete without desserts and drinks! Try their Leche Flan, which has orange slices on top and infused with orange flavor. This refreshing spin on a classic dessert was lip-smacking perfect.

Boracay Subo Restaurant Mango Keso Cake

Another dessert we wouldn’t mind having again from Subo Restaurant in Boracay is their Mango Keso Cake. This is a lighter version of a cheesecake with a Filipino spin thanks to the addition of ripe mangoes. The kesong puti also makes it closer to the all-Filipino concept of Subo. Plus points for the generous amount of syrup!

Boracay Subo Restaurant Lambanog

Before you decide to call it a night, make sure to take a Love Potion before bed. This cocktail has cherries, raisins, coconut vodka (also known as the local lambanog), as well as Aklan honey. This was definitely a winner and sure to be one of your favorites too!

Food the Filipino Way

Boracay Restaurants: Subo Restaurant

You’ll definitely appreciate the servings at this restaurant. Everything is good for sharing, as the owners believe that eating is a communal experience.

What you’ll love even more about Subo Restaurant Boracay is their passion for local food. “Everything is made from scratch,” Chef Jian says. They have their own garden where they get fresh herbs, as well they have their own farm in the mainland. As much as possible, they try to get everything from there, and their own sources from different provinces. No preservatives allowed in the kitchen, too!

With such amazing dishes, one would wonder what is Subo’s magic touch. Chef Jian has the answer to this too. “The smiles of my team. If we have love and positivity in the kitchen, it shows in the food.” We definitely agree!


Subo Restaurant is located at Calle Remedios, Station 3 Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m daily. They accept lunch and dinner reservations, just email them at You may also contact them at any of the following numbers: +63908 738 2053, +63917 883 0966, or +63 (36) 2882849. For more information, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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