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Summer Events to Look Forward to in 2016

While the cold wind is starting to fade,  our favorite season comes along. Summer has been a great outlet for us to relieve stress from our daily grind through sun, sand, salt and pure fun. Seeing people out with their colorful clothes and bright smiles, we couldn’t find a better season that would best represent our country than this. As the months are fast approaching we need not only prepare our bodies and bikini tops but also our plans for the perfect getaway.

Living in a tropical country of thousands of islands, The Philippines has already become a pot of gold for summer events. These happenings do not only give you your ultimate beach experience but also takes you on a journey through music, arts, and a chance to meet wonderful people and create memories with them. Numerous Musical Festivals (sometimes too many to handle) are bound to showcase talents those from in and out of the country that would definitely be a highlight of your year.

So if you don’t want to spend your summer at home thinking about where to go and what to do here is a quick summer events guide that will bring you to the hottest most awaited events of the season.

1Malasimbo Festival

March 4-6 2016, Puerto Galera

A little too excited for summer? Prepare to hit the beautiful bay of Puerto Galera in this three-day music and arts festival on Mount Malasimbo’s terraced amphitheater. This one of a kind event is packed with talents that are bound to give you a full soul, jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronic music experience while you surround yourselves by works of art.

You may check out our quick guide on what to expect in Malasimbo and how to get to the venue from this article: What to Expect at the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival.

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2Summer Siren Festival

April 8-10 2016, Zambales  Crystal Beach

If you’ve already tried that beach partying in Boracay but still want to dance your whole way through the day on a different body of salt water, then try visiting Zambales Crystal Beach for the Summer Siren Festival. This 7-hectare beach is prepared with various activities while you party along to the beats of the country’s top bands and DJs.
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3Paradise International Music Festival

April 9, 2016, Aseana City, Pasay

If the beach is a little too far away or you just don’t have the time, Paradise International Music Festival is just right around to give you the memories you’re going to keep for the season. With just its Grammy winner headliner Kanye West, you wouldn’t regret missing the beach for this. The festival is sure to add more shocking artists that you’ll love to see.
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4Laboracay Weekend

Labor Day Weekend, Boracay Island

Of course the pioneer of all beach parties! Laboracay is sure to hit us up on the Labor Day weekend on the shores of Boracay. Be prepared for an experience as we spend the whole day on the beach whether you’re just sitting around trying to enjoy the sunset or jumping to tunes of electronic dance music. This annual event never fails to give its visitors a great time!

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