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Which Tatlong Bibe Cover Is Your Favorite?

Have you heard of the new craze of the country? “Tatlong Bibe,” a Filipino nursery rhyme is trending all over the Philippines, and being the Filipinos that we are, we infused our own twists to the song!

Watch these kids, groups, duos, soloists, and celebrities slay with their own renditions of the trending nursery rhyme! You’ll never listen to “Tatlong Bibe” the same way again.

Jaire Ian Silagan

Did you see that coming? Move over Jay R! Jaire’s here!

Omunique Yohan Gawaran

This little girl can outrap you.


Their cover is so good that they even got featured at a popular Philippine morning show!

Sta. Maria Choir

Imagine them singing this after hearing mass.

Lloyd Café Cadena and Renee Dominic

Creative kayo, mga beh! And that falsetto!

Carl Ignacio

Sing “Tatlong Bibe,” here, there, and everywhere!

How about these acoustic covers?

Rovs Romerosa

Yuna Grande

And these celebrities getting into the bibe craze…

Alex Gonzaga

The bubbly Alex Gonzaga sings to her sister Toni’s baby. Toni’s reaction was just too funny!

Ate Gay

EJ Salamante

Watch these impersonators hit the notes!

Katrina Velarde

Tammy Brown

Tatlong bibe in another dialect…

Kenneth Medrano

Baesaya represent!

And of course, the person who led the trend…

Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda even named the nursery rhyme as the “official unity song.”

But when he asked these guys to sing the Filipino nursery rhyme…

ASAP Soul Sessions

We just got the goosebumps all over!

But the fun doesn’t end there! We invited foreigners (yas!) and locals to join in the fun, and they were all down for it! Watch them do the “Tatlong Bibe” song.

Now, wasn’t that enjoyable?

Which ones are your favorite “Tatlong Bibe” covers? Share them with us and tag #Philihappy or comment below!

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