adobo vs sinigang

#TeamAdobo and #TeamSinigang: Which Side Are You On?

After the hugely divisive national elections earlier in the month comes another selection that has supporters choosing between two formidable candidates.

The National Commission of Culture and the Arts posted an online poll that got netizens tweeting and commenting like crazy. The food war is on, and the dishes vying for the title “Pambansang Ulam” are – guess what – Adobo and Sinigang.

As of this writing, #TeamAdobo has won over #TeamSinigang.

Adobo is a famous Filipino dish, which fans describe as delicious and easy to prepare. Simply glaze the chicken, pork (or both!) and add spices, soy sauce, vinegar, laurel leaves, and garlic. It is said that each province in the Philippines has its version of Adobo, which makes it so universal.

Sinigang, on the other hand, resembles a Malaysian dish called Singgang. There are variations in the recipe; wherein the ingredients may also be adjusted depending on what is available. They can be adjusted regarding the meat (pork, fish, or shrimp), or the sour broth, courtesy of tamarind, guava, santol, or kamias.

Twitter users and Facebook users openly supported their favorite dish with much fervor! Many couldn’t seem to decide which is dish is better. On the other hand, some Netizens are firm in choosing adobo. Here’s what they had to say.

#TeamAdobo says their favorite dish is popular even abroad. It’s also perfect when paired with rice. #TeamSinigang remains resolute that this dish is very “Filipino”.


Hopefully, no friendships were lost during the 3-day poll.

Though the survey was made just for fun, it shows a great deal about what makes a dish truly national. Is it the preparation? The popularity score? Or the diverse and tangy taste that keeps Filipinos asking for more? Both dishes are mainstays in the Philippine cuisine and are the staples of the diet. During the voting period, however, the struggle was real.

Now that the voting is ever, everyone can feast on sumptuous servings of adobo and sinigang, regardless of their team. Adobo and Sinigang, two of the most mouth-watering dishes here, are truly Filipino.

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