The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay: Your New Fave Rooftop Hangout

After a day soaking up the waters of Boracay, there’s nothing quite like finding an intimate chill-out spot compared to the usual go-to of tourists at the beachfront. Tired from the crowded White Beach, we were glad to return to our hotel and not worry about where to eat because right at the rooftop of Ferra Hotel Boracay is The Ruf Resto Bar. With a great view of the sunset and chill music in the background, this Asian bar and restaurant is the perfect place to unwind and breathe.

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The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

If you are the kind of person who needs time to recover from the previous night’s party, then The Ruf can easily become your refuge on the island. It’s also just a few steps away from D’Mall. It is open to non-hotel guests, so you won’t have to walk far to enjoy their good food and refreshing cocktails.

Al Fresco Dining and Drinks

Ferra Hotel: The Ruf

The place is al fresco and surrounded with lush greens. They have couches perfect for lounging and for big groups. The space is big which is refreshing to see because this is quite rare in crowded Boracay. It oozes homey and chill.

The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

The place is definitely easy on the eyes, and if you’re the type who prefers a laid-back bar compared to a raging after-hours party, you will appreciate The Ruf.

New Menu Items of The Ruf

Since it was close to sunset time, we opted for small dishes—their bar chow—to go with our yummy cocktails: vodka cranberry and mojito. As a bonus, we were one of the first to try their new menu items, which were playfully named and spiked our curiosity. We got The Best Wings of My Life, Green Goblin Sticks, and Make You Dirty Fries.

The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

We love hot and spicy food, especially cheese, so we were happy that the jalapeños were some serious business! Each stick had a generous serving of mozzarella cheese in it. They served this with salsa and ranch dips. We humbly suggest that the salsa makes a perfect pairing!

The Dirty Fries are your usual bar chow, but the name says it all. Prepare to get your hands dirty with dripping cheese sauce, ranch dressing, bacon bits, and caramelized onions!

The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

The Best Wings of My Life was an adventure; it had Vietnamese wings, buffalo wings, and Coca-Cola wings all on one plate!

Their Coca-Cola Wings are a definite must-try! You will really smell the Coca-Cola and even get a hint of it when you have a bite. Don’t worry, it sounds weird to have soda in your food, but the taste of the Coca-Cola is not overpowering.

Milkshakes and More

The Ruf Resto Bar Boracay

By this time, it felt like The Ruf served up all our classic comfort food favorites in an excellent way! To finish, we had a classic chocolate milkshake for dessert. Sipping the cold drink was a great accompaniment to the breathtaking sunset which we had a great view of!

Overall, we enjoyed our nibbles at The Ruf. You can be assured that the attentive staff will give you VIP treatment while you melt the evening away.

So the next time you feel like you’re done making the rounds on the Boracay party circuit, treat yourself to a great view and great food at The Ruf! Whether you’re with a date or with your friends, don’t forget that part of enjoying a vacation is having a wonderful setting to create new memories to last a lifetime.

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