The Yard At Xavierville
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The Yard At Xavierville: The Ultimate Food Park Guide

Food parks have become crowd favorites all over Metro Manila, but there’s one that has taken the food park game up a notch by being the hippest of them all, The Yard at Xavierville. With its strategic location right smack in the middle of busy Quezon City, The Yard is not just about the milkshake and does not only attract boys *cue Kelis’ Milkshake*. This newly opened food park has been the talk of the town.

The Yard at Xavierville’s Vibe

Entering the food park itself is exhilarating. The upcycled container vans turned into food stalls, neon lights, splashes of colors, and energetic vibe make The Yard a great concept that is different from the common visual experience in other food parks. But that’s not the most exciting part. The Yard at Xavierville has two floors of 30 amazing food stalls and three levels of dining area and al fresco balcony spaces.

To make things easier for you, we checked out each and every stall, chatted them up a bit, and looked for the best choices on their menus. Yes, we did what no one has ever done, a complete guide of The Yard for you dear foodies! Try not to salivate as we introduce them to you one by one.

1Halal Kabab Express – For your Persian food craving!

halal kabab express
Image Credit: @halalkababexpress via Instagram

First of all, bringing the Persian spice to The Yard at Xavierville is Halal Kabab Express. With their chicken biryani with basmati rice (PHP 249), and beef and chicken barbecue kabab meals (PHP 179), you get the full-on halal experience. Also, don’t miss out on the sauces! The garlic sauce is heavenly, and the hot sauce is devilishly good, both must-trys!

Halal Kabab Express
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2Chix N Biz – Major American fried chicken comfort food goodness!

chix n biz
Image Credit: @cookingmasterboy via Instagram

Big fan of fried chicken? At Chix N Biz, and you will wonder how true love could be so easy to find. They marinate their chicken in buttermilk for 24 hours, bake it, and then fry it. As a result, the chicken is simply perfect right when it’s about to be served. Furthermore, you can order your chicken with biscuits. Get Reggae (PHP 165); it’s chicken with egg, house gravy, and cheese served with biscuits!

Chix N Biz
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3Takami Gyozas and Okonomiyaki – So okonomiyummy we gyoza ask for more! (See what we did there?)

Image Credit: @mcvillaranda via Instagram

When food turns you all punny, that’s when you know you gotta try it! Japanese classics with a twist are what Takami Gyozas and Okonomiyaki offers in The Yard at Xavierville. Grab their gyozas (PHP 90–115) and their okonomiyaki (PHP 175–190). In addition to this, they also serve full meals! Try the cheese chicken teppan (PHP 220), and forget about all your problems.

Find them online here and here.

4Smoke and Barrel – This is carnivore heaven!

smoke and barrel
Image Credit: Smoke and Barrel via Facebook

To meat lovers, eating meat is not just a game, it is a way of life. The same can be said for Smoke and Barrel that serves heaps of meat to their hungry customers who always leave their tables 100% satisfied. Another instant goodie on the menu? Bacon. Grab their Killer Smoked Bacon Skewers (PHP 190) because bacon is life. If you don’t swing that way, they have the Slow N Low Smoke Beef Brisket (PHP 220), wagyu smoked to almost make you fall in love.

Find them online here and here.

5Bagneto – What’s a food park without our resident superhero?

Image Credit: @bagneto via Instagram

Bagneto is definitely one of the pioneers of the food park movement having launched its first branch years before this one. As much as time has passed, they still serve the same crunchy goodness of bagnet in the Yard at Xavierville. If you haven’t tried it, trust us on this, get the special bagnet sisig (with rice PHP 150, à la carte PHP 140).

Find them online here and here.

6Hong Kong Foodie – Bringing Hong Kong to your taste buds!

hong kong foodie
Image Credit: @theyardatxavierville via Instagram

Hong Kong Foodie is a hassle-free choice for merienda. Unlike any other, they serve Hong Kong street food that tastes nothing short of authentic! Try their lobster balls (PHP 40), but get them fast because they run out in the blink of an eye! In addition to this, they serve rice toppings from PHP 148–155. Their chicken sausage with century egg and rice is the best!

7Black Plate – The total Asian fusion experience!

black plate
Image Credit: via Instagram

Great food places always find a way to make a normal dish a hell lot more interesting, and Black Plate did just that. Most noteworthy and amusing is how they spiced up the basic sushi and turned it into a burrito. Do you want something Japanese and Korean in one burrito? Try their K-Town BBQ BurriSushi (PHP 190). Rather than having rice, you can opt for ramen and sashimi among many other choices.

Find them online here and here.

8Mac N’ Chicks – They totally winged their chicken to perfection!

mac n chicks
Image Credit: @macnchicks via Instagram

Corny puns aside, Mac N’ Chicks should easily be one of the go-to places in the Yard at Xavierville for lovers of chicken wings. Get your hands dirty with their chicken wings, and you’re sure to find yourself licking every drop of sauce off your fingers. Especially their sriracha wings (PHP 140 for 4 pieces, PHP 160 for 6 pieces) for that spicy goodness! Make it more fun and try pairing your wings with fried mac & cheese balls! A Winged Combo is priced at PHP 175–195.

Find them online here and here.

9Berliner Grill – Ich liebe dich, Berliner Grill!

berliner grill
Image Credit: @berlinergrillph via Instagram

We don’t know many German words, but what we know is this—if Germany has this good food to offer, then we can’t wait to pack our bags! While we’re still strapped for cash to travel all the way there, Berliner Grill is definitely the perfect alternative! Juicy and tasty, their beef döner is to die for—you can get it for just PHP 149 a pop!

Find them online here and here.

10Waff – We Waff you so much!

Image Credit: @waffph via Instagram

Whether for breakfast, dessert, or main course, waffles just never fail to satisfy. The same can be said for Waff’s! Either have your waffles by themselves or try pairing Waff’s herbed chicken with red velvet waffles (PHP 195). Maybe have dessert for breakfast and in addition to chicken, enjoy their red velvet bubble Waff that comes with ice cream (PHP 135).

Find them online here and here.

11Burn – Ribs haven’t gone this crazy!

And by crazy, we mean good! Burn has gone from ribs with the basic BBQ sauce to the craziest we’ve heard, ribs with chocolate chili. If you’re in for a carnivorous adventure, then this is the perfect spot at the Yard at Xavierville!

12Flat Bread – Their food doesn’t taste anything like flat!

flat bread
Image Credit: Flat Bread via Facebook

You’d probably love food that comes in almost any form of bread, right? Well, get it here quick! Since Flat Bread offers a simple concept—bread, cheese, and heaps of toppings—it is nothing short of yummy. While the savory flatbreads are wonderful treats, the most noteworthy thing to try is their S’mores (PHP 65)! All that chocolate-y, torched, marshmallowy goodness beats a lot of great things in life!

Find them online here.

13Niku-Q Yakitori – Japanese goodness on a stick!

niku-q yakitori
Image Credit: @nikuqph via Instagram

Hassle-free Japanese food experience is at Niku-Q! The masters of yakitori in The Yard at Xavierville, they serve freshly grilled meat and veggies with their signature yakitori sauce. Try it once, and you’re never going to try any other because that sauce is just plain amazing. Best of all to try is their Angus steak on a stick (PHP 60/stick)!

Find them online here and here.

14The Chippery Fish and Chip Bar – No need to go to the beach to get a taste of the sea!

the chippery
Image Credit: @thechipperyfcb via Instagram

Vibrantly designed to mimic hip beach kiosks, the Chippery offers battered seafood in a cone for a completely enjoyable treat. Their treats come with a choice of dipping sauce among the options of tartar, malt vinegar, lime sriracha, golden spice, and garlic lemon dill. We suggest you get the Batter Platter (PHP 375) so you can sample ALL the treats.

Find them online here and here.

15Dip N’ Dough – Dessert done delectably dope!

dip n dough
Image Credit: @dipndough via Instagram

It’s brilliant, it’s overflowing, it’s dip and dough! When it comes to dessert, some people just go wild—and that’s exactly what Dip N’ Dough is all about. If we’re promised to have this dessert all the time, then we’ll always be leaving room for it. The Chimney Original (PHP 150) is a winner. While the standard ice cream in a doughnut cone filled with Belgian choco is not enough, you can change the dip to matcha green tea, dulce de leche, or cream cheese.  And if that was not already a mouthful, make your dose of sugar even wilder by topping it off with chocolates and candies!

Find them online here  and here.

16El Chapo’s – Mexican food with a twist!

el chapos
Image Credit: @elchaposph via Instagram

It’s a fusion of classic Mexican dishes with Asian twists. El Chapo’s serves your classic Mexican comfort food, and each one comes with a special kick. Just saying that makes us crave for their nachos and tacos! Our favorite is the fish taco yellowfin tuna with Asian dressing (PHP 120).

Find them online here and here.

17All About Fry Day – No bad day Fry Day can’t turn around!

all about fry day
Image Credit: @theyardatxavierville via Instagram

Fries everything! Nothing screams comfort food better than a bowl of fries. It’s simple, yet when you spice it up, it becomes a masterpiece. All About Fry Day adds toppings to a huge serving of Belgian fries—both savory and sweet ones! Get the Choco Lover Fries for the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Each serving seems good for sharing, but we’re not really sure if you’ll end up wanting to share.

Find them online here.

18Rustic Box Steakhouse – Steak served so damn well!

rustic box steakhouse
Image Credit: @rusticboxsteakhouse via Instagram

Steaks can be a hit or miss with restaurants, but with Rustic Box Steakhouse in the Yard at Xavierville, they’re definitely a hit. They’re affordable, too! Take your pick: T-bone (PHP 165), porterhouse (PHP 240), or rib eye (PHP 230). Then, customize your steak with your choice of rub, doneness, and size. Steak the way you want it!

Find them online here and here.

19Tokyo Tempura – Fast food tempura has never been this good!

tokyo tempura
Image Credit: Tokyo Tempura via Facebook

One of the best tempuras in town that comes with a very affordable price tag! Tokyo Tempura serves not your usual ¾ batter and ¼ shrimp; for them, it’s the other way around! Your taste buds can definitely catch more shrimp than batter. Best part? They have tempura-all-you-can for PHP 199!

Find them online here  and here.

20Kotsehawan – A more fun ihawan!

Image Credit: @giancarlotumalad via Instagram

Who’s ever seen actual grilling action under the hood of a beetle? Yes, that’s how Kotsehawan does it! Get your perfect beer matches here! Isaw, adidas, and BBQ, anyone?

Find them online here and here.

21Melmac Peri-Peri Express – Size up your chicken!

melmac peri-peri express
Image Credit: @melmacperix2xpress via Instagram

Melmac serves their chicken in quarters: you can have it solo (PHP 165), two-quarters (PHP 315), or a bunch of 4 quarters (PHP 640) for everyone in your barkada to enjoy.

Find them online here.

22Prawn Star – Fresh seafood by the bucket!

prawn star
Image Credit: Prawn Star via Facebook

Prawn Star is a one-stop shop for seafood served in a bucket in The Yard at Xavierville. Now, this is what you don’t often see in food parks, hence an automatic go-to. The great thing about it? You can choose from prawns, shrimps, crabs, clams, and mussels. Also, you get to choose the sauce that will go with your seafood and the level of hotness you can handle. Shell out about less than PHP 200, and you’re good to go!

Find them online here and here.

23Fratello – Cloud on your coffee!

café fratello
Image Credit: Café Fratello via Facebook

Yes, coffee lovers, rejoice because there is a café in The Yard at Xavierville! Fratello has the usual coffee offers plus dessert-ified versions of them! Imagine a cloud on top of your latte—that’s what their Latte Under a Cloud is like! Give it a try!

Find them online here and here.

24The Subwich Factory – Definitely not sub-standard!

the subwich factory
Image Credit: @jessca0619 via Instagram

The Subwich Factory comes from the makers of Route 55 in Baguio City. Their ingredients come all the way from Baguio, so you can expect the same level of delish from what they offer here. Enjoy subs, salads, ravioli, and desserts that are reminiscent of your favorite Baguio diner. Try their roast beef subwich (PHP 170)! Most noteworthy, President Noynoy Aquino has tried one of their subwiches!

Find them online here and here.

25Snow Creme – Snow for all seasons!

snow creme
Image Credit: @snowcremeshavery via Instagram

Cold desserts are always a good idea in this humid country. Good thing, Snow Creme serves shaved ice desserts that will leave you craving even on colder days. Get their Golden Mango Snow Ice (PHP 120 for medium, PHP 170 for large) for something cooling and tropical. They also serve milk tea and smoothies as refreshing treats.

Find them online here and here.

26Puluts – Your Filipino faves just got better!

Image Credit: Puluts via Facebook page

Filipinos do love their pulutan (bar chow), thus the name Puluts! Here, you get to devour many of your Filipino food favorites, from tusok-tusok (aka fish balls, squid balls, and the like) to sisig. We urge you to try Your Lean Protein Chicken Sisig (PHP 140) and the Ahi Poke Kinilaw Salad (PHP 180). Have them with beer for a full-on casual Filipino dining.

Find them online here and here.

27Little Wondang – Fly away to Korea through your taste buds!

little wondang
Image Credit: Little Wondang via Facebook

Little Wondang is the only Korean stall in The Yard at Xavierville, and we’re so glad it exists! They serve Korean staples like bibimbap, samgyupsal, and chap chae—all coming with a distinct Filipino flare but with the definite authentic Korean taste. Imagine bimbap meals instead of your usual silog meals—Tocbimbap and Longbimbap to name a few. And don’t miss out on the DIY Korean barbecue; you grill the meat on a portable grilling pan which you can take anywhere in the park. It’s just like having a fun cooking sesh with your friends!

Find them online here and here.

28Asombroso – Tapas for tonight!

Image Credit: @asombrosomnl via Instagram

It’s a tapas bar in The Yard at Xavierville! The only spot that serves Spanish cuisine, Asombroso is perfect for when you wanna have a little chitchat with your friends over some of your favorite tapas. Try their paella balls: it’s paella made into croquettes.

Find them online here and here.

29Wakamojo – The kind of sausage fest everybody will enjoy!

wakamojo sausage fest
Image Credit: Wakamojo via Facebook

Sausage and mashed potatoes with your favorite beer—it’s like Oktoberfest brought to the Philippines! Wakamojo serves sausages either in a bun or with sides. They also come in different variants, and because all of them are so interesting, you’d want to try every one! We warn you, though, one order is enough for a full appetite.

You can find them online here and here.

30Milkshake Lab – This lab is definitely bringing everyone to their yard!

milkshake lab
Image Credit: @milkshake.lab via Instagram

Have you been waiting for us to say that there is an actual milkshake stand in The Yard at Xavierville? Milkshake Lab has crazily created milkshakes (Milkshake Lab Concoctions) and also gives you the freedom to experiment by making your own mix (Milkshake Lab Experiments). Their tip? Go crazy with it! Our favorite is the red velvet milkshake (PHP 150).

Find them online here and here.

31Gulp Station – Drink like a fish!

Gulp Station is the only stall serving non-alcoholic thirst quenchers. Try their creatively concocted juices which are borderline addictive! They serve your drink in a fish bowl, too.

32Epicure – Epicly curing all the blues away!

Image Credit: @danamarquez via Instagram

All the food choices in The Yard at Xavierville are epic. What makes a trip to The Yard even more epic, though, is Epicure. They are the only stall that serves alcohol. Local and foreign beers, craft beers, and brilliantly mixed cocktails—take your pick. You’ll probably have a hard time! Epicure’s mixes are an experience, and they taste so good and refreshing. Grab one of their Epic Pails (PHP 250 for 1 liter, PHP 420 for 2.5 liters), a cocktail of your choice served with fresh fruits and dry ice in, guess what, a pail. We had Watermelon Lychee, and we haven’t stopped raving about it since!

Find them online here and here.

Wow, that guide was quite a mouthful! Sadly, however, we didn’t get to check out Surf Shack, Cajita, and Ice Box which were either closed or still due to open soon. For sure though, they won’t break the winning streak of The Yard’s food stalls.

Saying that The Yard at Xavierville is worth the visit is really an understatement. Many would agree that it’s quickly turning out to be the favorite tambayan of people from all over Metro Manila. They even have live music on weekends! Now that you have this guide, create your foodie game plan with the troop and drop by The Yard!

The Yard
83 Xavierville Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Open on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. and on weekends from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Parking available
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