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15 Things That Only Make Sense If You Are An Encantadia Fan

Encantadia fans assemble! Now that the “re-quel” is in full-swing, the Encantadia fandom is alive and kicking more than ever!


1You greet your friends Avisala


You think it’s highly appropriate and polite to welcome everyone with a meaningful Avisala.

2You tried conjuring a “brilyante”

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From time to time, you open your hand, muster all your strength, and try to conjure at least one of the powerful brilyante of Encantadia.

3You have your very own Sang’gre crew

You think you are Amihan and your singer friend automatically becomes Alena.

4Pashnea! is your favourite phrase

You know the happiness of calling someone Pashnea. You also know the pain of being called one.

5You know how to shush haters using Shheda


A feisty “Shheda!” is your best weapon when wthe worst happens.

6You wish you will find your very own Sapirian prince


Someone like Ybrahim played by Dingdong Dantes or King Armeo played by Ian Veneracion, please!

7Because deep inside, you are a Sang’gre

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The royal Lirean blood flows in your veins, no doubt!

8You call your enemies Hathor

They are hideous, cunning, and evil. Yes, definitely, they are Hathors.

9You know how to make love, Encantadia-style

In the world of Encantadia, simply holding a hand of a person may mean courtship or worse, love-making!

10Your ultimate heroine is Danaya

Who wouldn’t love Danaya? She’s fearless, funny, care-free, and a total badass.

11You are a fan of ‘DaQuil’

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You probably are a supporter of DaQuil, short for Danaya and Aquil. Danaya, one of the Sang’gres, is secretly in love with Aquil, the commander of the queen’s guard.

Remember the time Lira tricked Danaya into saying “I love you” to Aquil? Classic!

12You talk to your friends channelling Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia was the former queen of Lireo. She’s the resident bubblehead, literally. When she speaks, a bubble appears around her head.

Trivia: Cassiopeia’s method of speaking was because of Actress Cindy Kurleto’s heavy accent.

13You try to read the past using Imaw’s Mahiwagang Tungkod

You pick up something that will resemble a staff and will yell “Ipakita sa akin ang nakaraan.”

14You know the lyrics and tune of the Encantadia Chant

Hooo-weh, hoooo-weh! Nope, it’s not a wailing cow but an Encantadia fan trying to sing the show’s chant originally sung by Bayang Barrios.

15You transform like the Sang’gres

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If in trouble, you shift into battle gear in Sang’gre transformation style. Your old ball dress will disappear and instantly you will don a badass armor fit for a Lirean princess.

Are there more things only Encantadia fans know? Shoot us a comment!

Encantadia will be airing on GMA-7 soon. 

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