Jodi Sta. Maria

7 Things We Love About The Talented Jodi Sta. Maria

From a shy tomboyish teenage girl during her stint in Tabing Ilog to an award-winning, in-demand actress, who wouldn’t admire the Jodi Sta. Maria?

You’d probably know her as the charming and quirky Maya of one of the longest-running daytime television drama series Be Careful With My Heart. You may also know her as Amor Powers of the popular 2015 remake of Pangako Sa ‘Yo.  But there’s more to Jodi Sta. Maria that she has to offer. She’s not just your typical actress who rose to stardom after rigorous years in the industry. Behind the spotlight, you will admire her even more.

Wanna know why? Here are the few reasons why we love her!

Jodi Sta. Maria’s timeless beauty

Can you believe she’s already in her mid-30s? Jodi Sta. Maria is the very definition of timeless beauty. She is definitely a head-turner and a scene-stealer. She’s not even hesitant to share her throwback photo showing her cheeks without any contour!

Her undeniable talent

Her passion for her craft reflects in every role she plays—be it a villain or the heroine of a drama series or movie, she can nail it! In fact, her talent was recognized in the international scene, bagging a nomination in the prestigious International 2016 Emmy Awards for her role as Amor Powers in Pangako Sa ‘Yo! Imagine that, our very own Jodi Sta. Maria being recognized alongside international actresses like Judi Dench and Christiane Paul!

Her uncontestable charming personality

Jodi Sta. Maria

Whether you are team Ser Chief—Maya or Team Amor—Eduardo, Jodi won the heart of millions of viewers across the globe! She even had a worldwide tour for her Be Careful With My Heart just to be able to meet all her fans. Not to mention, her latest movie The Achy Breaky Hearts was a surefire box office hit!

Her love for animals

Jodi Sta. Maria

Sure, a lot of people love animals, and Jodi Sta Maria happens to be a huge animal lover, too. What is incredibly inspiring about her is that she rescued her pet cat Harmony from the streets of Kamuning. With a little love, she coaxed Harmony back to health. Besides Harmony, she has more kitties, which are named Miracle, Destiny, Freedom, Courage, Charity and Serenity. She also has a dog named Bear. Jodi shared that she recently even got to meet Nala the Cat, which was a highlight of her NYC trip!

Her super mom status

Jodi Sta. Maria

Despite being a single mom, Jodi Sta. Maria didn’t let circumstances hinder from raising her only son Panfilo “Thirdy” Lacson III well. It’s clearly evident that she does her best to spend time with him and mold him into the best version of herself. Being a single mom isn’t easy, but you can never see her complain or boast on social media on how difficult it is to be one!

Her personal health drive

Jodi Sta. Maria

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life. Jodi, however, makes taking care of her health a priority. This means religiously working out, and eating balanced meals to stay in shape! One of her favorite workouts is the popular dance fitness craze, Zumba,. As she shares snaps of her progress, it inspires her fans to take care of their own bodies, too!

Her hugot in life

Instead of bombarding her 1.1 million followers on Instagram with selfies and OOTD posts, Jodi uses the photo-sharing application to uplift her followers through motivational and encouraging posts.

Jodi considers herself “God’s working progress” and her snippets of wisdom do brighten the days of her followers! She was also famously quoted about her greatest lesson in love. Jodi says having high standards in love is one way of staying true to yourself. When the right person comes along, they will understand. Preach, girl!

Jodi Sta. Maria

A reflection of a persevering and passionate woman, Jodi Sta. Maria proves that she’s more than just an actress. Her undying love for her son and to her craft is an inspiration to many. With all the recognition, projects, and career-flourishing opportunities, she definitely deserves it all!

Jodi Sta. Maria

All photos are from Jodi Sta. Maria’s Instagram.

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