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10 Things We’ll Miss About Yahoo Messenger

There are so many things people loved about the early 2000s. It was kind of like an extension of the late ’90s, only with swift technological advancements. Music was colorful. Fashion trends were quirky. TV shows were the actual bomb. One great thing about the early 2000s was how communication seemed to boom faster than ever. We had mobile phones with various features. A telecom company debuted an unlimited call and text service. And we had internet faster than dial-up.

The world easily could then be accessed with the dawn of DSL services so we enjoyed our time online more. We made funny email addresses. We had Friendster which eventually led us to Multiply. And we had Yahoo Messenger.

Y!M, as we would fondly called it, is an instant messaging online platform that let us communicate via personal or group chat boxes. We loved it for all that it was to us then. So when Yahoo! announced a few days ago that they’re shutting down the instant messaging platform on August 5, we can’t help but feel nostalgic as it seems to be the end of an era.

We are getting old, guys.

But instead of mourning over how quickly time is passing, let’s take a little walk through memory lane and remember the great things we loved about Yahoo Messenger.

1The emoticons that ruled our online world waaaaaay before the emojis.

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Nothing described our teenage feelings better than these emoticons did. And to be honest, the emojis still got nothing on these. I mean, that ROFL emoticon that came with the shortcut “=))” was always so on point.

2When the emoticons weren’t enough, we had the Audibles to run to.

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Audibles were like talking cartoons. They were corny, but we loved them. Remember those pick-up lines that came along with them?

3The online status that people actually notice.

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There were so many things we could do with our online status. We let people know if we were busy, and they actually respected it enough to stay away. We would put the status “Stepped Out” whenever we’d leave our desktops running all day while we’re out. Other people often used song lyrics as their status. Others used it to catch their crush’ attention. Guilty as charged.


Yahoo Messenger
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This feature saved us in times of crisis. On the other hand, this may have also ruined friendships. But altogether, we loved it.

5Our avatars mattered a lot. Too much at some point, even.

Yahoo Messenger

Remember the amount of time we all spent customizing our Yahoo Mesenger avatars at least once a week? That probably got us all procrastinating but it was worth it.

6We all had our own choice of skins.

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The great thing about Yahoo Messenger is that it was highly customizable. We could choose our own font and our own colors for chat messages. Perhaps that’s why many of us grew really close to the platform because it allowed us to make it our own. But what we loved most? The skins. They were pretty, and there was one skin that fit each of us.

7Y!M let us go on stealth mode.

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This feature proved to be very useful at one point in our lives. Thank you, Y!M, for giving us the opportunity to keep our introverted selves in peace.

8Group works and chismisan were made easier by Y!M conferences.

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We called it a conference, not a group chat. Imagine all the possibilities that we had then when we found out that Y!M allowed us to talk with each other as a group. How many group works did this feature help? How many stories have these conferences heard?

Also, not to mention, do you remember that Yahoo Messenger let you group your friends in categories? That was fun organizing too, wasn’t it?

9The notifications you get when your friend goes online or offline.

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This was very useful when you were waiting for someone to go online. Pretty sure you still remember how it felt like when you would see a notification saying that your crush has gone online.

10This sign in page actually looks like home.

Yahoo Messenger
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There was a certain anticipation in signing in on Y!M, hoping that your internet will let you connect while you watch that bouncing bright yellow smiley act as if it’s more excited than you are about logging in. And how it pissed us off when internet would slow down and cut our connection that a gray sleeping smiley meant disruption of our Y!M fun.

It’s amazing how an online platform can bring so many memories. Imagine all the stories we could talk about when we speak of Y!M. But as with many great things, Y!M’s glory days have come to pass. And as we remember the sights and sounds of our favorite chat platform, we gladly look back as Yahoo Messenger finally goes offline.

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