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30 Thoughts We’ve All Had On The MRT

Soaring above our heads is the Manila Metro Rail Transit System. Better known as the MRT, it is one of the fastest ways to get around the metro especially when the roads are blocked with traffic. However, not every MRT experience is a pleasurable one. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Filipinos would know the immense effort and amount of time regular commuters spend to get to work and to get back home. We can admit that we’ve all had our fair share of thoughts on the MRT, and here are some of them.

1I’m gonna be late for work, so everyone (please) get outta my way!

ice hockey

All you can think of is, “My boss is so going to kill me right now!”

2What is my purpose in life?

who am i

Come on, we’ve all been there. How many times have you pondered about where you are in life?

3Should I give up my seat for someone who deserves it?

Star Trek

Is this person worthy enough of the throne you’re sitting upon?

4Did I turn the gas off or lock the door?


Sometimes, everything becomes so much of a routine that it’s hard to remember whether you did the most important things before leaving.

5Rush hour’s a b*tch!


Drowning in a sea of people. Help!

6It’s too hot in here.


No aircon? Seriously? I. can’t. breathe.

7This ride is taking forever.


What’s taking so long? How come the train isn’t moving as soon as its doors have closed?

8Is there such thing as “personal space”?

need space

Sadly in the Philippines, it’s not recognized.

9That’s it. I’m saving up for a car.


No more Mister Nice Guy.

10I love it when the train’s empty.

Roll Over

So much freedom. So much space.

11I seriously don’t feel like saying “hi” right now.

hiding cat

When you see someone you recognize, but you’re feeling antisocial.



You’re just too tired or too sleepy, especially after a long day at work.

13I badly need to pee.

need to pee

Regretting that morning coffee.

14Smells kinda funky in here.


Someone dropped the bomb, and it’s not you.

15If I fart now, will they notice it?


Hoping it’s a silent one.

16Ang gulo sa Pinas! Ayoko na dito.


You just wanna pack your bags and fly to another continent. One way ticket, please!

17Oh no, I forgot to bring my [insert object].

go back

Whether it’s a packed lunch or a power bank, everyone hates that sinking feeling.

18I need to find a new job.

chill job

One that is near my place. One that doesn’t involve this daily struggle.

19Is there Wi-Fi?


You can’t go without it. You have pokemons to catch!

20OMG, my battery’s going to die any time now.


And it’s the only thing keeping you alive!

21How can someone pick their nose in public?


That is absolutely horrifying.

22Public display of affection is awkward.


There are other people in here too, you know. Get a room!

23That person staring at me is so creepy…

roll eyes

That moment when you make eye contact.

24How many VLs do I have left?

running at the beach

You need to catch a break. We all do.

25Why does s/he have a box of freshly baked cookies right now? WHY?


The aroma of another person’s takeaway is just plain torture. #hangry

26Sh*t, it’s only Tuesday.


That means three more grueling days till the weekend.

27My list of to-dos today.


Today is going to be a looooong day.

28Where are all these humans coming from?


When it starts raining and all of a sudden humans turn into gremlins multiplying infinitely.

29I’m totally crushing on you.


“I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

30I’m so fed up with life.

fed up

The entire routine starts all over again tomorrow.

How many of these thoughts crossed your mind while on the MRT? Share with Philihappy your relatable or random thoughts on the MRT by tagging us on Twitter, @philihappy!

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