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Score Great Finds At These Thrift Stores In Manila

Shopping is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Manila. Sometimes, however, the good stuff come with hefty price tags. A lot of those are heavily mass-produced. Chances are, you’re going to find that same item owned by someone else at some point. But what’s great about this city is the number of thrift stores in Manila where you can score good finds. Sure, we all love our shopping malls, but we will let you in on the deeper secrets of the metro.

Thrift stores in Manila are the answer to all your shopping dreams. Okay, before you cringe at the idea of second-hand stuff and dusty clothes, take a chance on this one. Several people in Manila are die-hard fans of the city’s thrift shops, celebrities included! Not only are your items rock-bottom cheap, some even come in incredibly great quality. If you’re lucky, you may even find a refurbished high-quality material or a branded one!

We bustled through Manila looking for thrift shops where you can buy clothes, trinkets, furniture and even novelty things you’ll definitely fall in love with.

For Clothes: Anonas Ukay

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: @gioprivado via Instagram

Standing four floors high, the Anonas Ukay found near the Anonas station of LRT Line 2 is any bargain hunter’s dream. Imagine going through four floors of 20-peso clothing! You can make about ten outfits in here for a low budget!

The great thing about this place is that it is one of the thrift stores in Manila where everything looks clean and well-organized. It’s not as musty as most ukay-ukay spots, so you won’t feel suffocated scouring through piles of clothes. And, really, we wouldn’t mind a bit of dust if that means finding branded stuff for a price cheaper than your lunch.

The thing we love about Anonas Ukay is this place seems to be the one-stop shop for ukay shopping. It houses several stores, so you have even more options than just going to a small one. Check it out and shop till you really drop!

Where to Find It: Beside Anonas LRT 2 Station

For Music and Novelty Items: Cubao Expo

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: Author’s own

Cubao Expo is known for many things, including being a haven for thrift shoppers. There are units in Cubao Expo that sell vintage items, old books, and records. Some items may cost a fortune, mostly because these are legit vintage hard-to-find-items. However, others come really cheap. Book lovers can find novels for PHP 50 a pop. Vinyl hunters will fall on their knees for vinyl records that start at PHP 35. Collectors will enjoy the variety of random things you can find in Cubao X.

PHILIHAPPY PRO TIP: Once you’re done checking out the thrift stores in Cubao X, you may want to check out the awesome restaurants and drinking spots around.

Where to Find It: 175 Gen. Romulo Ave. Cubao, Quezon City

For Home, Events Items, and Everything In Between: Dapitan Arcade

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: @fanninabautista via Instagram

Dapitan Arcade is known to event and home designers. This hub is the dream of any designer—they sell unique and quality decor, accent pieces, and furnishings. While most are new items that also come at incredibly low prices, what can be found here too are refurbished kitchenware, furniture, and decorative second-hand pieces. In a nutshell, if you need a place to go to when you’re looking for stuff to up the vibe of whatever you’re designing, go here.

Did you know that Dapitan Arcade has several stalls selling cheap stuff to fill your kitchen needs? They also sell outdoor decor that can vamp up the exteriors of your house or office! If you’re gunning for a Pinterest-worthy room, you can score unique pieces here, and the nicer ones are usually the ones that are upcycled!

Where to Find It: 37 Dapitan cor. Kanlaon St., Laurges, Quezon City

For Anything Antique: Bangkal

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: @raizamariruiz via Instagram

If you love looking for antique treasures, Bangkal is the place to be. They have everything vintage in here—from furniture to novelty finds, If you’re looking for quirky stuff to put in your collection or something to furnish spaces with, you will surely find something in here.

A lot of treasures come from dark and dusty places, and Bangkal is no exception. If you ever think of going here, make sure to dress for the place—wear something comfortable and airy. But what we promise is that all that dust and sweat will be worth it once you find items you aren’t going to find anywhere.

The best thing about these thrift stores in Manila is that they’re basically rows of several vintage shops, so you can hop from one place to another!

Where to Find It: Gen. M. Hizon St. Bangkal, Makati City

For Photography: Quiapo

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: @daphneal via Instagram

Quiapo may be known for its famous church and its quirks like palm readers and snatchers, but it is also the go-to place for photographers. Head to Hidalgo Street to score some of the cheaply-priced cameras, both old and brand new. Don’t fret buying your cameras here. They’re legit.

Some photographers have copped hundred-peso vintage cameras here that still work despite some needed repairs. But hey, hundred-something-peso cameras that are still usable do not come often. They also sell fully working second-hands, and most stores are owned by reliable owners so there is nothing to worry about. If you’re in for film photography, you can buy film rolls that are cheaper here than anywhere else.

Once you’ve gotten your camera, why not have a photo walk right in Quiapo?

Where to Find It: Hidalgo St. Quiapo, Manila City

For Vintage Glamorous Home Decor: Kamuning

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: @gal_at_home via Instagram

Designing houses does not come cheap. But of course, thrift shopping is a considerable option. You can find pieces that are still good as new or can easily be refurbished to fit a home’s aesthetic. Other antique pieces found in the city are even made of rare hardwood materials that you will barely find in commercial stores nowadays. Where to find these pieces, you may ask? Head on over to Kamuning and drown yourself in stores and stores of glamorous antique home decors and some art pieces.

Some will come with a considerably expensive price tag. But for quality glass or wood, you will never find pieces as cheap as they are in Kamuning. This place is perfect for those looking for accent pieces and for antique collectors.

Where to Find It: Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City

For Books: Bookay-Ukay in Maginhawa

thrift stores in manila
Image Credit: @bookayukay_official via Instagram

Bookay-Ukay is one of the thrift stores in Manila that is famous to the crowd of Quezon City and then some, to no surprise. Of all book thrift shops, they probably have the richest and most diverse collection of books that come at low prices. Not to mention that the vibe of the place is incredibly welcoming, that looking for the perfect book doesn’t come with pressure.

Take your time to find that perfect book for you to read next. May you never close your magical doors to us, Bookay-Ukay.

Where to Find It: 78 Maginhawa St. Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City

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