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6 Things We Will Miss About “Till I Met You”

One of the most popular teleseryes that launched in 2016, Till I Met You is the second teleserye top-billed by James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Since its debut last August 29, 2016, Till I Met You has consistently dominated the ratings during its time slot and has consistently trended on social media. In its four and a half months on air, we were introduced to the world of Iris, Basti, and Ali. We saw and shared their adventures in love, career, friendship, and family. Now that the show is coming to a close, here are seven things that we are going to miss about Till I Met You!

The timeless soundtrack featuring the music of Odette Quesada

Odette Quesada wrote some of the most memorable love songs in the ‘80s and ‘90s, such as “Till I Met You,” “To Love Again,” and “Friend Of Mine.” These love songs were given a new lease on life for a new generation through the show’s soundtrack.

Ali, Iris, and Basti as friendship #goals

A supportive and caring friend like Ali is worth keeping. Ali wants to see the people that he loves happy, such as his best friends Basti and Iris. On the other hand, it’s inspiring to see Ali, Basti, and Iris support one another in pursuing their individual goals. They’re also each other’s pillars in trying times.

The Ali-Basti bromance

Send help now. We’re dying of too much kagwapuhan. And too much bromance!

The Iris-Basti kilig moments

We smiled from ear to ear when Iris and Basti had their rooftop kiss, while we mourned when Iris and Basti decided to part ways. We rejoiced when Iris and Basti got back together and got married! And oh, we cannot get over Iris and Basti’s pet names for each other! Pangit and Sungit, anyone? Not to mention, James and Nadine’s real-life chemistry elevated the kilig and feels whenever they bring Basti and Iris to life!

(And oh, did you make a trip to Feels Central when Basti made this wedding video for Iris?)

The support systems that keep Iris, Ali, and Basti going

Aside from having each other to lean on, Ali, Iris, and Basti’s families and friends have also become reliable figures for love and support. Whether it’s a BFF like Kelly, or family like Mama Cass, Lolo Soc, or Ninang Agnes. These people got Iris, Ali, and Basti during times of joy and sadness.

Their journey in pursuing their dreams and overcoming adversity

Similar to On The Wings of Love, Till I Met You is also a tale of pursuing dreams and overcoming adversity. Throughout the show’s run, we have seen Iris, Ali, Basti, and their loved ones conquer various challenges in life. They pursued their goals for themselves and the people that they care for.

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Despite its relatively short stint on TV, Till I Met You is well-loved by JaDine fans and casual viewers alike for its realistic yet nakakakilig take on young love, its touching take on friendship and family, and their inspiring journey in accomplishing one’s dreams! We will miss this teleserye dearly once it goes off the air.

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