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Tirta Spa Boracay: Indulge In A Royal Spa Experience

For some people, going to the spa is a frivolous use of time and money. However, for many vacation-goers, it is an absolute must when they relax. Our lives are so demanding in so many ways that the natural healing remedies offered by spas help greatly to restore a sense of physical and mental calm. Tirta Spa is one such place that helps you do just that.

When you’re in Boracay on vacation, do your mind and body a favor by booking a session at Tirta Spa Boracay. “Tirta” is the Hindu Sanskrit word for “Holy Water.” It is easily one of the best spas you can go to for luxurious comfort. It is a multiple award-winner of Best “ Day Spa in Asia and Asia Pacific. It also won as one of the Best Luxury Day Spas in the world for the third year in a row.

tirta spa

Tirta Spa has also been inducted into the prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ of Five-Time Certificate of Excellence Winners on travel site TripAdvisor. With so many accolades for this establishment, we prepared for what was sure to be an excellent experience!

Tirta Spa Boracay

tirta spaAs we entered the gates of Tirta Spa Boracay, we heard the sound of the gong and felt the serene mood of the temple-like setting instantly calm us. It’s a paradise within a paradise.

The spa receptionist welcomed us by the door and asked us to be seated so she could orient us with what was in store for us that day. We were given our welcome drinks, the Tirta Spa etiquette and guidelines, and forms to fill out; it had questions regarding our lifestyle and our purpose of going.

tirta spa

It is important for Tirta Spa to provide their clients the perfect relaxing experience, so they make sure that every detail of the treatment will be according to your needs. The spa receptionist presented the options for massage oils, explaining what each oil does. We went for the oil called Secret Love Potion, which was made of high-quality exotic ingredients and was recommended for the Couples Retreat therapy.

Royal Villa for couples

tirta spa

One of our spa therapists guided us to our Royal Villa. Tirta Spa has three Royal Villas designed for couples. The moment the doors opened, we were welcomed with the luxurious and serene set up of the villa. There were two massage beds, an outdoor tub, and a Vichy shower. We also had our own private open bathroom, where the closet and safety box were located, and a Koi pond.

tirta spa

Our spa therapists asked us to change and then be seated for our foot scrub ritual. We sipped our herbal teas while they pampered us with a relaxing massage. After the foot scrub ritual, we settled on our massage beds for the first treatment—a mild rose body scrub. Tirta Spa chose rose as the main element in the body scrub because this flower symbolizes love, passion, and beauty. It has natural healing and aphrodisiac properties which are perfect for relaxation and skin rejuvenation.

Vichy shower and signature massage

Following the exfoliation is the Vichy shower. A Vichy shower is similar to a waterfall massage. One at a time, we simply lie down on a table with the shower heads above and let our therapists rinse off the scrub. This treatment is very soothing. As the water cascades on your body, your muscles relax, and your blood circulation increases for better absorption of the benefits from the body scrub.

tirta spa

Our therapists then led us to the aromatherapy flower bath, where we were poured with warm water. We were also served banana spring rolls and drinks to snack on. Here, we enjoyed a few restful minutes just soaking up the ambience.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, our incredible spa day ended with the Tirta Signature Massage. This time, we fell into a deep sleep as our entire being felt completely relaxed and stress-free.

Completely satisfying experience 

Tirta Spa is on a hilltop overlooking the coastline, so after our treatment, we took a few moments to enjoy the view of the pristine sea and the beautiful sounds of nature. The whole vicinity is a solitary place that allows you to reconnect with nature and yourself.

tirta spa

After experiencing the most pampering and attentive spa date ever, we stepped out of Tirta Spa feeling so satisfied and relaxed. It was a day well spent for us, and we’ll always remember the perfect experience we had in this lovely place under the care of their lovely therapists.


Tirta Spa Boracay is located in Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. It is towards Tambisaan and right after the Sabong arena. For bookings, contact them at any of the following numbers: +63 (36) 2886481 / +63 (36) 2886841 / +63920 9184857 / +63922 8928696. For more information, visit their website and Facebook page.

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