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10 Classic Life Lessons From Tita Witty

You might have seen the Tita Witty love advice column in The Philippine Star, where romantic hopefuls write to Antoinette Jadaone—otherwise known as Tita Witty—and get answers to soothe their aching hearts.

Before Jadaone became popular with the films she directed (English Only Please, That Thing Called Tadhana), she had already captured Filipinos with her witty comebacks in the “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat-on-the-10th-frappe” Planner 2010.

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Now, Tita Witty has a number of journals under her belt as she comforts the Pinoy soul, one piece of advice at a time. Here are some of the best advice culled from her Twitter page.

1Sometimes, what you see is not what you get. Don’t get too giddy about meeting up and coffee.

2When someone does not return your text or calls, he’s more likely not into you. Get over it.

3Not everything is about your love life. Now why don’t you just think of other things… like hailing a cab, for example.

4Thinking of your ex isn’t being productive. Save your sanity and distract yourself.

5Failed to reach your ideal weight despite countless sessions at the gym? Never lose hope. You’ve got a decade to achieve that killer bod.

Papayat ka rin at dudurugin sila, indeed.

6Exhibit social graces in cafes, no matter how excited you are with your first frappe.

7Sleep your problems off. Stress + eyebags won’t make them go away.

8Don’t be deceived by news. Hello Kitty is a cat.

9Learn how to say “in your dreams” Pinoy style. Go on. Say it with flair.

10Date people who appreciate real beauty.

Tita Witty has also released a nostalgic slumbook and a wedding guestbook, when she’s not busy filming rom-coms and heartbreakers. You can find her products at Witty Will Save the World.

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