Weather in the Philippines

Weather In The Philippines

Being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, weather in the Philippines can get quite temperamental. The trick is in knowing the right time to go.

Manila, Philippines
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Wet season and dry season

Weather in the Philippines
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High season runs from December to April, and weather during these months is usually quite pleasant, and by pleasant, we mean dry. It is especially lovely from December to February, when that “winter chill” is in the air, bringing the temperature down to a “freezing” 25 degrees Celsius, compelling locals to break out their pullovers in celebration of perhaps the only sweater weather they can get all year.

This “winter” is of course, short-lived because by March, it starts to heat up, and by April, the sun and heat are back with a vengeance. Around this time, the beach becomes particularly attractive, thank heavens the Philippines has so many.

Summer as peak season

Weather in the Philippines: Peak Season

This great weather does come at a cost, and prices during the high season are typically higher. Other peak seasons are during Christmas, New Year, and Holy Week, which usually falls between March and April.

Shoulder season happens during May and November. The weather in the Philippines starts to get wetter around May, though the temperatures continue to rise. In November, the skies start getting calmer, giving way to the chilly December weather.

Low season for budget travelers

Weather in the Philippines: Low Season

Low season runs from June to September, during which period the rains become more frequent, and the sun goes on a break. The eastern side of the country becomes particularly vulnerable to undesirable weather at this time.

If you’re averse to gloomy weather, it might be best to avoid these months—though it has to be said that there is something oddly romantic about gray skies and a rain-beaten beach. Also, prices around this time drop to about 30 percent lower than usual. This makes it especially appealing for those traveling on a shoestring budget!

At any rate, it doesn’t matter what the weather in the Philippines is. The landscape is so diverse that there’s always a place that’s summery and sunny somewhere in the country.